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Icon by Felix - a drawing of a woman with brown fuzzy cat ears, a matching brown bob, leaves flying in her hair.

Header by me: a sunset over a field, tree and outbuilding in distance.

I've been reading Nothing Special and all of a sudden there's this castle that looks plucked straight out of The na Cali.

Poverty, privilege 


Okay, so this is tangential and also spurred by some of the shows/movies I've been watching.

Poverty. Specifically first world Poverty.

For one, the range of comfort/safety covered by various narratives stretches to what I'd call lower middle class/working class...

...come to think about it, working class people seem to commonly be portrayed as one bill from foreclosure.

Do TV writers actually know what poverty feels like? What it does to you?

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I have some experience with weddings, is what I'm saying.

But some of these people (not even the parts listed as Bridezilla stuff!)

Dress codes for wedding guests?
Not to mention the dollar amounts listed as requested cash gifts (That was usually a bridezilla thing but usually in the tone the bride took.)

I dunno, it feels like people are reading out of a different playbook than I got.


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I've been reading a bunch of those "you won't believe what happened next" posts - I spend 90% of my time in bed right now. I actually ran out of Tumblr once early on.

They're weirdly thought provoking.

First, weddings. I've been a bridesmaid in 4? weddings, read a poem for one, served as officiant for another, and been a guest at more than I can count. When we were in high school, my friend ZKimba and I researched weddings like I might research book subjects now.

Oh, and I got married.

So I've watched .

I found it a lot of fun but a little too self-aware in its references.

Was just thinking, if we moved into a modern house, our cats would be soooo bored

Internalized stereotypes are weird m. I just looked at a guy and thought "construction working scrubbing in for surgery."

/reads long Tumblr rant, summary being "keep your pet cats inside for their health and also cats kill wildlife

/ Looks at her cats (metaphorically) who are accomplished mousers AND are indoor kitties.

Being mute means I get to observe a lot of human conversational patterns.

Today's; already "knowing" the answer.

"So do you want two pillows then? Or a kite?"?

Me, trying to pantomime a parachute - shakes head no

""Two pillows! Good!"

Last couple days have involved/will involve lots of napping. I want to feel bad, but I don't

@rix_scaedu Riiiix where i your Dream width? I decided now was a good time to binge-reread Nai and can't find it.

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