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New account, new attempt at an , I guess :blobCat:

I'm someone who would like , /creating and , particularly in and other speculative genres, but between dayjob, trying to keep my home livable, and mental health issues, I mostly just watch video. In addition to fantasy I like and , including .

, and in general is awesome, and I love sharing photos or nerdy facts.

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🎵 Iii wanna hug somebody
I wanna cuddle up with somebody
Yeah I wanna hug somebody
Hug somebody who loves me.🎵

Also, today is the first day whose wordcounts need to be logged in the spreadsheet for 2022, so that I can have an "average over the last 30 days" value on the first January.

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The 'new castle upon the Tyne' which gives Newcastle upon Tyne its name dates back to 1080 AD, built by the son of William the Conqueror. The castle was called 'new' because it stood on the site of a 2nd-century Roman fort and an Anglo-Saxon town.

Original tweet :

I ate foods, did chores, wrote words
Outside is dark.
Time to go to bed?
*checks time*
half past five :(


Made broth and the rest of my chinese noodles for lunch.
I think I'll phase out those noodles in favour of something else... something that fits on a spoon and doesn't spatter broth everywhere...

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"How did you find us? Radio?"
"Radio dissipates," the alien ambassador said, "telepathy doesn't."
"You heard our thoughts?"
"When enough of you focus on the same words, with passion, we sense it."
"So a prayer or anthem?"
"We don't know. It begins with: 'Is this the real life?'."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Woke up feets.
Ran one errand. Could not complete the other one because the pickup station where my package is was being filled more, and I'd rather let the delivery person finish their job than make them pause for me.

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Der Self:
Please to put on jeans and shoes and GO OUTSIDE for errands, so they are done.
Pretty please?

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This week's achievement in was finally getting an eyeless skull so I could do the expedition for the Cave of the Nadir. Nice, with some luck drawing cards there, I'll have something to do with my surplus Sudden Insights

hanky code detail 

I looked up hanky code for reasons and found on German Wikipedia that the colour used to flag for prostitution is flipped with regards to "offering" and "looking" in the US vs Germany.
US considers the paying customer the active party, German language areas consider the sex worker the active party.

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I did some art that I can actually share, finally!

It's not entirely original.

#art #MastoArt

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If you think that classical music is only comprised of white guys with bad haircuts and a penchant for contracting syphilis might I direct you to Cedille Records, who have sections of non-white and non-guy composers of classical music that are ready for your perusal:

#music #classical

Fallen London Advent Calendar day 2 

There were rubbery men on an archaeological dig in my cellar without my knowledge or permission! 😆

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Similar to how you can be bi in a straight relationship, can you be poly in a mono relationship?

And then I did another nice thing for me: Dishes. Even took care of a stack of piled-up plates from last week.

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First time in weeks that I made myself a lil soup for supper.
Is good, because warms.

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