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New account, new attempt at an , I guess :blobCat:

I'm someone who would like , /creating and , particularly in and other speculative genres, but between dayjob, trying to keep my home livable, and mental health issues, I mostly just watch video. In addition to fantasy I like and , including .

, and in general is awesome, and I love sharing photos or nerdy facts.

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🎵 Iii wanna hug somebody
I wanna cuddle up with somebody
Yeah I wanna hug somebody
Hug somebody who loves me.🎵

man, I hope the good brain weather isn't over already.
I'll go to bed, give the brain some time to recover before tomorrow.

good night :chickSleeping:

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When I last posted my Star Trek paints I got a suggestion for Lily Sloane (Alfre Woodard) from First Contact

I also added Lieutenant Palmer (Dr. Mae Jemison) - Dr. Jemison was invited to cameo on TNG by LeVar Burton. She was the first black woman in space, aboard the Endeavour

I'm still so behind on the new Treks but I recently finished the 2nd season of Disco, and gotta say I kind of love it ^^

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

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A logic module from an 1950s IBM mainframe just showed up on eBay.

This is wild. This big thing is probably just two or three gates, at most. That's why computers filled rooms back then.

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Oh, one more thing! We need to learn Portuguese and we're finding it hard. I think music will help. What is some great rock, pop, metal and hiphop music in Portuguese (Portugal)? Any era from the 1960s onward. Feel free to plug your own work!

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I would like to find more deafies on the Fediverse. Anybody know of any besides me?

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Energiekrise, zynisch 

Die Tage wurde das Content-Team gebeten, einen Artikel zusammenzuschustern zum Thema “So merken Sie, dass es in Ihrer Wohnung zu kalt ist“.

Ich saß dabei und dachte “Na ich weiß nicht ... wenn ich friere vielleicht?“

Das hat mich inspiriert, ein paar weniger offensichtliche Hinweise zusammenzutragen: Woran Ihr *wirklich* merkt, dass es in euerer Wohnung zu kalt is

- Der Kühlschrank muss heizen, um seine Innentemperatur zu halten

- Die Spinne in der Zimmerecke lässt sich aus Protest ein Winterfell wachsen

- Im Radio wird durchgesagt, dass an deinem Wäscheberg Schneekettenpflicht herrscht

- Nach dem Waschen wird die Wäsche hart statt trocken

- Beim nächtlichen Toilettengang rennen keine Silberfischchen vor dir weg, sondern Eisbärchen auf dich zu

- Dein Mitbewohner hat sich einen Zamboni besorgt, um die Fliesen im Flur zu wischen

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“Whenever I hear of someone cutting ties permanently, I ask myself how bad would things have to get for me to never want to speak to someone again, and I generally try to assume that whatever happened to them was at least that bad”

[Link CW: toxic family, illness, death]

I've been procrastinating on going to bed a bit, but 20 past 10 isn't too bad yet.

Good night!

I did fold laundry (everything that was on the drying rack, and some of the stuff I'd taken off and just put out of the way), and I hung up the new load shortly after it finished (it being a load of towels made that easy)

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Game dev folks, I am begging you...

Please allow users to adjust the font size in your games, ESPECIALLY if they are text-heavy.

Trying to play TheAscent, and every single paragraph description/tutorial rambling is nothing but an incoherent blur of what I know are supposed to be words, but I can't read it due to the font.

Washing machine has been running for a while.
There is still laundry on the drying rack.
So I'll clear off my desk so I have room to fold laundry, and then do that.

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I have more slots open for commissions!

I can do...
✨ Emoji for Discord servers (fun custom things for your server, TTRPG group, all kinds of stuff)
✨ Custom emoji for your Mastodon server
✨ Vector stickers for Telegram and Discord
✨Twitch emotes for your channel

...and basically anything that falls under the umbrella of emoji, emotes and icons!

➡️ Full details and full pricing sheet: ⬅️

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