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Mutant Standard:
Blobs: (download link at the bottom
Chicks & others by @pollomostro :

Also: to see which instance has which emoji

Anybody got more suggestions? :D

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New account, new attempt at an , I guess :blobCat:

I'm someone who would like , /creating and , particularly in and other speculative genres, but between dayjob, trying to keep my home livable, and mental health issues, I mostly just watch video. In addition to fantasy I like and , including .

, and in general is awesome, and I love sharing photos or nerdy facts.

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🎵 Iii wanna hug somebody
I wanna cuddle up with somebody
Yeah I wanna hug somebody
Hug somebody who loves me.🎵

Are the two(?) people who voted for OUAT fanfic going to tell me who they are?

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Well, it seems unlikely for one of the other options to catch up with "original fiction", so I guess I'll go to bed.

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This weekend, should I try to focus writing time on

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And now some #bird pics in the garden. The local Goldfinch gang descended upon the bird feeders, and there was squawking over who had first access to the sunflower hearts. Then the sparrows came along and said "we'll have some of that" and pushed off some of the Goldfinches. Ahh, the pecking order :)

#Birbposting #Winter #Snow

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Latest project: Memorising the name "Tilda Swinton".
Loved her as Gabriel in Constantine, but every time I try to remember her name, I fail, so far.

How weird will it be seeing Jensen Ackles and Jared Padaleki in different roles...

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The robot carried it up and down the square for five months, only pausing when their friends brought replacement batteries.
When their campaign won, and robots were given right to energy, they continued, with a new sign.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

This weekend, should I try to focus writing time on

Bill & Ted Face The Music DVD arrived today, so I guess this weekend it's time for a Bill & Ted marathon here.

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If I type Milly on my phone, predictive text suggests "and" "Harp"

if I type Harp, it suggests "and" "Cal"

Then the prediction for the next word after Cal is "king" and then a crown emoji
@wigglytuffitout @InspectorCaracal

I have no clue if my mother and I used to set up Christmas trees usually on Christmas Eve because Tradition, or because we were both procrastinators.

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Things I should've learned years ago, but didn't.

Got an Excel sheet? Got a lot of columns in there that need to be resized to fit their data?

Select the columns by clicking on their letters, then hit the Format menu and:

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i never make the same mistake twice.
it's more like nine or ten times at a minimum.

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Kid wants to learn animation. He's used Wick, but it can't do everything he wants to do, and he's used up a trial of Adobe Animate.

I don't want to support Adobe's Creative Cloud keep-paying-every-month-forever subscription model.

Question for the fediverse: What animation drawing programs have you used? Which ones have you found to be easy to learn, capable, reasonably priced, etc?

We've looked at some of the other programs here, but I'm hoping for more context:

Uh, so, late entry for "crazy November 2020 news" (drugs and homophobia mention): 

In Belgium a gay sex party was broken up by police because there were more people than corona safety rules allowed. One guy climbed out of the window and down a rainpipe, cut his hands, was caught anyway, and ecstasy was found in his backpack.
That guy was a Hungarian member of the European parliament, and known for homophobic policies.

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Me, explaining Mastodon: Okay, so it's like Twitter, but basically no one will follow you, like your posts, or boost anything. It's the perfect social media experience.

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Game? Give me a word and I'll check if it's in any of my WIPs and reply with the sentence to paragraph it is in.

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Is there a gender neutral military honorific (not rank!) that can stand in for "sir" or "ma'am"?

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