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Mutant Standard:
Blobs: (download link at the bottom
Chicks & others by @pollomostro :

Also: to see which instance has which emoji

Anybody got more suggestions? :D

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New account, new attempt at an , I guess :blobCat:

I'm someone who would like , /creating and , particularly in and other speculative genres, but between dayjob, trying to keep my home livable, and mental health issues, I mostly just watch video. In addition to fantasy I like and , including .

, and in general is awesome, and I love sharing photos or nerdy facts.

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🎵 Iii wanna hug somebody
I wanna cuddle up with somebody
Yeah I wanna hug somebody
Hug somebody who loves me.🎵

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I haven't watched a lotta Stephen King, but so far two-fifths is prison movies, two-fifths is writer-goes-up-to-the-mountains-to-write-and-then-shit-happens movies, and one-fifth is "Christine."

Is there a Stephen King movie where an evil car breaks out of prison to go up to the mountains to write? Missed opportunity if not.

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How was the combined textile arts and gardening course?


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Could folks please boost this out as far as possible? I want to get it into gender-critical circles.

Could people send me links to articles about specific incidences of cisgender men legally identifying as women in order to access female spaces and abuse cisgender women?

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That there is a squid that eliminates it's own shadow. It uses a combination of light detectors on its back and bioluminescent bacteria in it's gut controlled by a 'shutter' to perfectly match the brightness of the moon and stars above the water

Original tweet :

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@AndiBumble imagining a linguistics paper discussing the use of asterisks to indicate actions and the competing different ways to indicate OOC-ness.

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moderators, admins, what resources would you recommend to learn about community/online moderation (how to do it, basic stuff to know, which tools to use, etc) ?

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Hello from your local shiny faun ✨
Commission pour des cornes personnalisées (or et paillettes dorées). N'hésitez pas à me contacter pour d'autres projets du genre (budget à définir ensemble, compter 50-100e selon la complexité).

I guess one could argue that Hook being "the only man Long John Silver feared" and Peter Pan at least believing he had killed Silver makes the whole Peter Pan thing fanfic.
I find the idea rather delightful. ^_^

Quoted from J.M. Barrie's novel Peter And Wendy which I don't rmember seeing in a adaptation:
No words of mine can tell you how Wendy despised those pirates. To the boys there was at least some glamour in the pirate calling; but all that she saw was that the ship had not been scrubbed for years. There was not a porthole, on the grimy glass of which you might not have written with your finger “Dirty pig;” and she had already written it on several.

There was a squirrel on my windowsill looking in on me, front paws on the glass.
Nice to know my neighbours care about me. 😆

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minä tapaan sinut - i'll meet you.

minä tapan sinut - i'll kill you.

yeah finnish and i are gonna get along great.

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How usable is a #pinebookpro as a daily driver? I just had my laptop potentially lost by greyhound (they’re looking for it supposedly) and I don’t have a lot of cash for a new computer and greyhound is a terrible company that gives you $250 and a nice “fuck you” if they lose your shit. I’m looking for something that can run qutebrowser, be a competent development machine, let me watch videos, and play gameboy emulators. Being able to run Ardour or another DAW would be a plus. It seems from reviews that the Pinebook Pro fits the bill but I’d like the opinion of other folks, especially owners of the device.

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My brain just invented the term "anarcho-misanthropist" to mean "someone that thinks anarchy is the best system but people are too shit to make it work" and I don't know what to do with this.

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It never ceases to confuse me that Paul Kidby succeeded Josh Kirby as cover artist for the series. :blobdizzy:

And also that my first thought when I hear Josh Kirby is the "Josh Kirby... Time Warrior" film series. :blobdizzy:

There's a butterfly in my room. A cabbage white, I think.

I went grocery shopping today and when I left the house, the ground floor neighbour was opening their window, and we chatted for a bit. That was nice!

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