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Mutant Standard:
Blobs: (download link at the bottom
Chicks & others by @pollomostro :

Also: to see which instance has which emoji

Anybody got more suggestions? :D

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New account, new attempt at an , I guess :blobCat:

I'm someone who would like , /creating and , particularly in and other speculative genres, but between dayjob, trying to keep my home livable, and mental health issues, I mostly just watch video. In addition to fantasy I like and , including .

, and in general is awesome, and I love sharing photos or nerdy facts.

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๐ŸŽต Iii wanna hug somebody
I wanna cuddle up with somebody
Yeah I wanna hug somebody
Hug somebody who loves me.๐ŸŽต

Good morning.
That was not enough sleep, but there you go.

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Thinking about it, if D&D were actually a real world, with all the various heroes and antiheroes running around, the main quest you'd get would be 'a rampaging gang of murderhobos burnt down the inn and stole all the left shoes, go murderhobo them.'

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Been playing the new pokemon sword/shield expansion and I really like the diglett mini quest. So whenever I found one, I drew it. That was so much fun. (So now I can actually continue with the dlc story xD)

#mastoArt #pokemon #art #posca #diglett #TraditionalArt

gaaaah, I have too much stuff, and too much of it is hard to just toss because it could still be useful either for me or for somebody else, but I know hardly anyone locally to ask if they have use for it @_@

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๐Ÿ”” To get started:

1. Follow me and I'll start to follow you back
2. Every time you forget to add a text description to an image I will send you a reminder.

Don't want reminders anymore Unfollow me!

The ailanthus webworm moth has the same colour scheme as the african painted dog, the pattern's just more symmetric/regular.

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Does anyone want a used Ikea desk and lives in/can get to the Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) area to haul it away?

Includes two levels of shelving and slide-out surfaces.

It served me well for many years and I'd hate for it to go to landfill.

Ahahahaha, Tara is a vampire now! ๐Ÿ˜†
(That is, Amber Benson spotting)

I suspect one reason why I'm willing to re-watch Supernatural is that I like rock music

I unscrewed the lid from the squeeze bottle, and got some of the goop out with a palette knife, and thinned that with water to brushable paint. And I added more water to the bottle, and stirred a bit, and now it's on my desk and I'll try to remember to shake it up every now and then.
Let's see what happens...

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So I got some Black 3.0 paint.. last year? in 2018? from a kickstarter, anyway, and didn't do anything with it.
I also have a piece of particle board with one semi-shiny black side, which I sometimes use as photo backdrop (when I take photos not on my desk)
So I thought I'd finally use the paint to make an extra-matte, extra-black photo backdrop.
Bit of a problem was that the paint could barely be squeezed out of the bottle, it had thickened so much.

I did dishes, cooked and ate supper, and put a nail in my kitchen wall to hang up my scales so I won't have to stuff them in a drawer.

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Okay, I just had something very strange happen with #Firefox.

I was on a webpage, and the entire content of the page "fell off", in an animated fashion. Like a piece of fabric dropping away, leaving behind a black background.

Hitting back and going to the page again does not result in the same issue.

Note that I didn't touch anything except my mouse wheel before this happened and it wasn't a page with any obvious special effects. I have no idea what to search for to check for info.

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I know this is a cold take, but UI developers: The opposite of "yes" is not "not right now."

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I'm trying to use toggl to log how much time I spend on things. Not sure how to organise creative stuff yet, but eh. The idea point that got me to actually do it was to keep track of how much time I spend on looking for ebooks to hoard, and on sorting my Calibre library, and then go and spend at least that much time actually reading...

Has anybody studied why cats like to sit in rectangles or circles?

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tips for tolerating fireworks for folks who don't like 'em (OK to RT) 

It's that time of year again in the US when knuckleheads show their support for veterans by doing stuff that disturbs anybody with PTSD. Tips:

* wear earplugs or ear defenders
* you can help cover noises with tv, a radio, a fan, or a white noise generator, and by keeping your house closed
* if you feel shook up, it helps to have deep pressure, like from a weighted blanket. talking to somebody really helps, so don't be shy about calling a friend or a crisis hotline. bonus if you can make a deal with somebody to talk to you even pretty late at night.
* keep pets indoors so they don't get scared and run away

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