I'd like a 4 1/2'' or 4 1/4'' smartphone. If I want a tablet, I go for a tablet, I don't need a phone that's a mini tablet <_<

gnaaaah, I search for "compact smartphones", and the first result is a "we tested 10 compact smartphones" article, and the phones are sized around 6 inches. WTF

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smaller phones 

@Anke It's bizarre, ne? Fine, if people want mini-tablet phones, they should have such options. But why does virtually no maker offer ones that are just /hand size/? Even the iPhone 5s (4") feels a bit tall for my liking; the 3G at 3.5" was such a good size. Now, the smallest Apple makes is another 15mm taller, 9mm wider than the 5s. =:P


smaller phones 

@porsupah There's Uniherz who goes as small as they can - but 2.4'' is a bit too small, and a few offerings around 3'' but eeeh...
In the range between 4 and 5 inches it's mostly models that are up to 6 years old and run old android versions.
I've found a "rugged" one with a 4'' screen - Cubot King Kong Mini - that I want to research a bit more closely...

smaller phones 

@Anke Oof, yes - 2.4" is definitely pushing it the other way. And certainly, it's highly undesirable to be running an unsupported OS on a device that can touch the net.

Heh! Interesting design. Not my style, but it's good to see different approaches and priorities.

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