I have a headache. Not sure if it's the weather, r stress, of looking too much at the laptop screen, or not enough water, but it's there.

On a brighter note, I again confirmed that when I feel stuck because something seems overwhelming, taking notes on paper to break it down and plan ahead can get me unstuck

@Anke tip dont try to fix it by drinking too much water. source: didnt work and u fell worse

@piggo OK! But I got myself a fresh bottle and glass for when I feel like a sip. i've found that in cases like that, the best approach is to attempt to remedy the possible causes that you can in fact remedy, e.g. drink a glass of water and not look at a computer screen for a bit

@MrHousewife I almost used that as nudge to do the dishes, but then I remembered the problem is not so much looking at a screen, but looking down for an extended period of time. So I did a few neck and shoulder stretches instead. :D oh, that's a good idea! Did you go get some water? I'm going to do the same......

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