Bird having non-vegetarian breakfast 

eeeeeeeh! :blobCatAww:
A song thrush used the concrete edge in front of my window as anvil to crack a shell (I heard that) and I got up and saw it eat the snail and could admire the birb a bit before it flew away!

Bird having non-vegetarian breakfast 

@anke Keyhole? Light of Durin’s Day, I don’t suppose? Ah, well.

Bird having non-vegetarian breakfast 

@Anke 😮! That's amazing? I've never seen a bird crack a snail from close up!

(I would feel sorry for the snail but it's still very cool!)

Also gosh your timezone is only like an hour ahead of mine but you wake up far earlier than me! XD I guess I am not an early crow.

@Anke oh okay. My alarm is set to 7 when Joh is at work and 8 when they aren't so not *that* much earlier actually. 😅 Maybe it's more how long it takes me to get to my desk.

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