So I got some Black 3.0 paint.. last year? in 2018? from a kickstarter, anyway, and didn't do anything with it.
I also have a piece of particle board with one semi-shiny black side, which I sometimes use as photo backdrop (when I take photos not on my desk)
So I thought I'd finally use the paint to make an extra-matte, extra-black photo backdrop.
Bit of a problem was that the paint could barely be squeezed out of the bottle, it had thickened so much.


I unscrewed the lid from the squeeze bottle, and got some of the goop out with a palette knife, and thinned that with water to brushable paint. And I added more water to the bottle, and stirred a bit, and now it's on my desk and I'll try to remember to shake it up every now and then.
Let's see what happens...

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