gaaaah, I have too much stuff, and too much of it is hard to just toss because it could still be useful either for me or for somebody else, but I know hardly anyone locally to ask if they have use for it @_@

@InspectorCaracal hm, not in walking distance, but I know of two or three in Cologne.

@InspectorCaracal @anke see if you can look up their websites or call them!

a lot of them will stop by and pick up donations, especially if any of the donations are furniture or bulky.

(it's how i got rid of my sister's old bedframe with my parents dragging their feet about how they would be able to get it out eventually - nah i called the habitat for humanity restore and went 'yall want this?' and they said 'heck yeah we sure do' and came and picked it up.) Make up boxes of 'stuff to give away/find home for' and if you haven't given it away or found a home for it in X months, toss it.

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