"The Bobbys are fighting back. We need all hands, repeat: all hands.
They're surly. Repeat: The Bobbys are surly."

@dmoonfire I just love it in general when stuff doesn't take itself too seriously.

@anke Yeah, there is a reason why we skip most of season 11 (British Men of Letters, if it isn't 11).

@dmoonfire Ugh.
Does the USA have a fear of the UK secretly taking them over again or something?
BtVS also had that "Watcher's Council being (or trying to be) overly controlling" thing.

@anke If you haven't seen it, I don't want to spoil it (unless you ask for it), but yeah.

@dmoonfire I've seen it, but I don't remember much beyond the start.

Supernatural Spoilers 

@anke It really was about British elitism American's belief that they can do it better. So the BMOL are perfect, efficient, and don't allow for compassion. The AMOL are beefcake and willing to fight against the bigger enemy and win because they are American fuck ya.

@dmoonfire The stuff I skip is where they make fun of fans/fandom, and the episode where Jensen Ackles and Jared Padaleki are playing Dean and Sam Winchester trying to pretend to be Jensen Ackles and Jared Padaleki but being really bad at acting.

@anke There is a really interesting book about being a Supernatural fan (Fangasm: Supernatural Fangirls) that was the reason I *got* into watching Supernatural.

It talks a lot about the actor's growing awareness of the power of the fans around them and some of the evolution they showed. The comments Crowley makes about them having erotic overtones was during that point.

It was how both fans and the show grew together that made me want to see it (we started ten years after it started).

@anke With reading that book first, I had a much different take on the fan episodes. That and the episode where the girls do the play, those appeared to be moments of self-reflection on the part of the show runners and actors.

@anke It didn't hurt that I was talking to Zubernis at a convention (WisCon or ICON, I can't remember) and was sold on the passion she had for the book. :)

In our house, it's the torture scenes that we have to bypass. And the BMOL season has a *lot* of prolonged torture scenes.

@dmoonfire I'm not that much of a fan.
The last (very small) fandom I was in, I felt pretty much expelled after someone said everyone in the fandom wanted into the male lead's pants and thus liked to write steamy fanfic, and I'm just not into sex.

@anke Yeah... I avoid established fandom in general because of the inevitable clash of personalities who think they are the One True Fan™.

While a bulk of my commissions have all been naughty fanfic, it has never been and will never be my thing. I like stories, characters, and interactions (I always prefer OCs). I also like the challenge of writing like a character and making the story seem like part of the universe. :)

So, I don't claim any fandom of my own (except maybe my own world).

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