@anke I'm (foolishly) trying to build desks for the boys before they start school next week.

It's been 10-15 years since I've done that so I figured it would be reasonable effort.

... except I have to recover my woodworking tools after getting rid of mine 7-8 years ago. :P

@anke Oh yeah, I'm having fun. Made a bunch of mistakes already, but it's nice to do something *not* on a computer.

I used to do a lot of home remodeling, ad hoc furniture making (including the Monster Hamper), and general improvement.

My mother did home improvement. My brother and I had (a lot of) penalty chores of grouting tiles, putting in drywall, and doing electrical/networking. Its stuck with me. :D

@dmoonfire It's really great! I wish I had the skills/know how for building furniture and such. And the room

@anke My father said: Anyone can build a house. Experience lets you do it faster, have it look better, and not have it fall on your head.

I found even a small end table in an apartment is a nice feeling to know that I had made it.

My dad did finer woodworking, painting, and sculpture. (One year, he also taught himself leatherworking.) So I also learned how to do some of those but I need practice to keep my polymath badge.

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