Does anybody know why the word "stream" might get censored? (Other words censored include "hell", "bone", "stroke" and "jerk")

@maloki Censoring "bone" in material for a paleontology conference is hilarious, though. I hope some of the resulting workarounds will be leaked XD

@Anke it sounds lite it was just some standard algorithm that someone applied without thinking about any of it

@maloki Sure, but still!
(I mean, the whole idea is weird to start with)

@Anke yes, but you know. people aren't the smartest...

Answer to the question but it's kink and possibly squicky 

@anke "watersports" is the kink term for sexplay involving urination, and "stream" can be connected to that. It's REALLY stretching to find things to censor, tho. o_o


@Anke I whisper, reverently, "Water sports."

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