As a P.S. to the whole "towns named Fucking and Petting relatively near to each other exist": Someone came up with this route adding two more towns...

@Anke oh oh oh, that's the baseball metaphor right?

1st base: Kissing
2nd base: München
3rd base: Petting
4th base: Fucking
5th base: Wedding

(Disclaimer: I don't know how baseball works)

@zatnosk Me neither, but I think you are not supposed to run around bases?

@BalooUriza @Anke I mean the vandalism didn't help. People kept stealing their signs and that costs money.

@bluestarultor @Anke Yeah, I do feel for them. Popular culture has ruined quite a few signs forever. Like some of the larger states like Colorado, California and Texas won't post a Milemarker 420 anymore, instead posting a 419.99 or a 420.01, or just skipping it entirely. Kansas and Missouri have similar problems with MM 4.20 but in both cases, freeways have their mile markers on the center divider and there's 5 a mile (every 0.2 miles).

@bluestarultor @Anke Plus there's several towns out west I know that make their city line signs unreasonably large as a deterrent to theft. Weed, Boring and Furry Creek come to mind.

@BalooUriza @Anke Makes sense. In the case of Fucking, it's probably not helpful that everyone doing it is foreign and specifically English speaking since in their language it's a perfectly normal name, from a local person of import, much like we'd name a place [Name]town. Basically it would be like getting a huge influx of French in a place called Gagner or something and making a mess. "Ugly American" syndrome.

@Anke You can even take skome time after the kissing for Munchen on some food

@anke Pennsylvania has these towns, going from East to West

Blue Ball

@Anke Well, I heard that Fucking wants to change the name to "Fugging"? But what is the root of the word Fugging?

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