I am frustrated because I am currently failing at writing

Managed to squeeze out 250 words. whee!
Gotta catch up on sleeps nao

@Anke what about just writing your frustrations? It will stretch the same muscles.

@maloki I try not too wallow too much in how I hate my brain :D

@Anke yes, but it can help you understand why you're having trouble writing and stuff.

@anke I've been struggling with the same feeling lately, or at least close to it. It's been haunting me for about three months which is why I'm planning on stopping my one chapter/week rate in March (because it will be an even 300 weeks then).

Something is wrong with my writing but I don't know what.

@Anke Well, 99 % of the world is only not failing at writing because they're not trying! You're still doing better than the majority. 💙

@Anke You wrote an amazing short story only a few days ago and building up new writing habits is rarely all at once, so tbh doing really well

but at the same time

GRRR failing at writing! I hate that too! Much sympathy 💙

@vicorva Honestly, most of that story was from 4 years ago. XD
But thank you very much! :blobCatHeart:

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