So... the Dutch city of Utrecht has an underwater webcam at a particular lock that is not used by ships much in spring. People can watch for fishes waiting to get inland, and can ring a "doorbell" to alert the lock keeper so they might open the lock if there are enough fish waiting...

The Fish Door Bell post got it's 100th reblog! :chickSinging:

@anke this is perhaps the greatest thing i have seen today, maybe all week

@anke oh my god i realized it's literally a live stream

/me hits "inspect element"

div class="dingdong"


@Anke wow I was so convinced this was an April Fools joke.... looks like it's legit!


How long till someone shows up in scuba gear with a sign that says "plz let me in"


Ok so first of all this is how I am going to spell snackbars from now on but since when have people been letting bears name fish?


You can believe what YOU want to believe, I know the truth. Somebody asked a bear "what kind of fish are these?" and it replied "snoekbaars" and it is as simple as that.

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