I am currently using most available brain bandwidth on keeping up with meds and taking them at the right time.

@anke@social.scribblers.club Is that because bandwidth is low, or because amount of medication is high? sends tea


- one in the morning
- one in the morning and evening
- one in the evening
- one in the evening always at the same time
- one WITH a meal, 3 times a day, ideally spaced 8 hours apart, but at least 4 hours
- one one hour BEFORE a meal, 3 times a day

The combination of the last two is the worst part.

re: medication 

@anke@social.scribblers.club Gosh, and you don't have a really regular eating schedule that I know of. That must be hellish.


re: medication 

@wsteria Eh, "annoying", yes, "exhausting", yes, but "hellish" is a bit much. :)
No naps without an alarm, either, or sleeping in, ideally.
I hope I can go back to the clinic on Wednesday, at least I don't have to decide on a time for lunch by myself then.

re: medication 

@anke@social.scribblers.club You have just reminded me I don't have a set schedule for breakfast and meals this semester and now I feel behind on my planning... hm.

re: medication 

@wsteria Sorry XD
I think for me it's time for a lie-down. See you around :blobCatHeart:

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