The pronunciations of "baloney" and "bologna" are... English pronounciation is

@anke baloney and bologna are the same, but Bologna (the place name) is different
(English 1st language)

@WizardOfDocs :blobSob:
bologna and Bologna are literally the same word. The sausage is named for the city.

@anke the only reason the pronunciation of the place name doesn't change is *because* it's a place name. Proper nouns are special.


@anke also, what do you mean bologna isn't just Oscar Meyer trying to make a cheap knockoff of salami in the 50s

(only mostly joking)

@cerchio :)
(For context, I complained about the subtitles of a US TV show not including a joke where the spoken line was someone being fed "baloney" (nonsense) and the subtitles saying "bologna", and the person I mentioned it being confused because apparently they pronounce "bologna" like "baloney", and I was, and remain, baffled)

there's a joke about it also in a Simpsons episode and weird al yankovic singing my bologna
PS Cold cut named Bologna in Bologna is called "mortadella" and while in every part of the worl is thought as the shittiest one,here's gourmet stuff:)

@anke this is pure infohazard: I didn't want this knowledge in my head, I reject it, and I don't know how to get rid of it.

@Anke with english, the spelling of a word is merely a polite suggestion of the pronunciation

@Anke *cries in too many USians have answered this poll*

@Anke different (English 1st language)
BUT, I agree with @WizardOfDocs The city gets pronounced properly and the sausage wrong.

@gemlog @anke as a linguist I disagree with calling one pronunciation wrong.

One is the Italian way, and one is the Americanized way. Because we speak the language that mugs other languages in dark alleys for their spare vocabulary.


English doesn’t “borrow” from other languages: it follows them down dark alleys, knocks them over, and goes through their pockets for loose grammar and valuable vocabulary.


yeah, yeah canageek. don't hear much from them these days.
@Anke @Canageek

I know they were a TA, but I totally missed a bunch, obviously. Like what was the thesis about? Was it hard to defend? IDK. I'm nosy :-)
@Canageek @Anke

@gemlog @Canageek @anke Thesis is a compilation of most the papers they've written over that time. Defense is in less than two weeks, and we'll let you know.

@Anke It took me a long time to realise that the sausage known as "polony" was derived from Bologna.

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