Good god, the tumblr post about the Carpathia coming to Titanic's aid got additions and got even better

@anke today I learned, and was moved to tears, about people who lived and strived mightily for one another, over a century ago.

"At 12:20am April 15th, 1912, there was a miracle on the North Atlantic. And it happened because a group of humans, some of them strangers, many of them only passengers on a small and unimpressive steam liner, looked at each other and decided: I cannot live with myself if I do anything less.

I think the least we can do is remember them for it."

@anke This is what "all hands on deck" looks like.

This is what the pandemic response could have looked like.

@anke I agree about making it a movie

it would be so easy to frame it like Apollo 13 or one of those Star Trek episodes where the ship breaks down. People love that kind of triumph over the environment story.

@WizardOfDocs @anke @mwlucas There was a docu-drama miniseries called From the Earth to the Moon that covered the Apollo program in chronological order. It was produced by Tom Hanks.

When they got to Apollo 13, they figured there was already a movie (Hanks having been in it :) about the space side, so they told the story of what happened behind the scenes on the ground:


@WizardOfDocs @anke @mwlucas The guy who got pulled off the mission for medical reasons helping save his fellow astronauts. The press respecting the families' privacy, except that one guy...

So yeah, there's always more of a story to tell.


@Anke wow what timing, I was just watching a video about Violet Jessup a couple minutes ago. Thought about posting it. Had no idea this was going around.

@anke This is great, thanks for sharing! I really liked the term 'hopepunk' suggested in the comments, could use more of that these days. Have a hopeful new year 🙏🏻

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