I went to to check which languages that have a name for Finland related to "Finland" rather than "Suomi" or something else spell it with 2 n rather than 1.
Finnland: German, Old Norse, Faroese, Icelandic
Finnia: Latin (alternatively also Finlandia, with 1 n)
Finnlynn: Manx
an Fhionnlainn: Scottish Gaelic (alternatively also Suòmaidh)
Finnország: Hungarian

So yeah, I try to avoid it, but if I write "Finnland" when writing English, I have an excuse, namely it's written like that in my first language...

@anke also, in English the people are called Finns and the adjective is Finnish, not Fins and Finish. English is in the wrong here

@anke Finnlynn sounds like what a rich white influencer mommyblogger would name her kid

@nev unfortunately.
Though I have no idea how it would be pronounced properly...

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