Computer mice and keyboards and other things that you handle a lot should be made so it's easy to take them apart and clean.
Imagine if you could just loosen some screws and lift the top of the keyboard and brush the dust away instead of chasing it around with canned air! Or take the top off your mouse so you can clean the grime off the edges of the keys and scrollwheel!

(thought inspired by seeing a video of someone fixing a watch that also included cleaning accumulated grime from the inside edge of the case. ) because we run into that very issue. Some stuff we can just hit with an air compressor and mostly clean. But it would be so, so very nice if we could just undo a screw or latch to just brush it out.

@LilFluff Ah! I wondered if you were imagining lots of "I took my stuff apart and can't put it together again" questions XD

@LilFluff @anke
Or scrub it out, in some cases. Keyboards and mice and fans get nasty. I've appreciated the ones I've been able to dismantle soas to take soap and water to the often-touched surfaces, and to get at the dust and lint and scarier crud that gets into everything.

@LilFluff @anke
If it's dismantled and only the electronics-free pieces of the shell are going through the dishwasher, that might work just fine. I fear that's not what you mean. 💦

@kelkyag @LilFluff
I like the shape and layout of my current keyboard, but it's not disassemblable. If there are screws, they are hidden under the glued on skid-stop nubs, otherwise it's snapped together with no intention of anyone ever opening it again :(

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