*goes through her accumulated fabrics*
If I hold a fibre to a flame and it burns rather than melts, it's a natural fibre, is that right?

@anke It's more likely to be natural. There are a few artificial or mixed fabrics that burn, and at least one that will burn and melt very fast if the flame is hot enough

To a first approximation, yes.
Plant fibers will burn and leave a little ash and smell vaguely like wood smoke. Rayon acts like a plant fiber.
Animal fur fibers will burn and smell like burning hair (awful but distinctive).
Silk will also burn, but smells different. I'd need to look that up.
Various plastics will shrivel and/or melt, and may also burn. They'll leave a melted knob at the end of the fiber where they stop burning, and smell like burning plastic.
Blends get weird.

@kelkyag Thank you!
I think it's plant fibre, might be rayon. I'm not fancy enough to buy silk XD

Rayon fabrics are usually light-weight and very drape-y.

A few descriptions of burn tests that talk in more detail how specific fibers react to heat & burn, smoke, smells, and ash:

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