I just nipped over to the other grocery shop for yellow bell peppers, and there's a yard sale just across the street with one of those vintage/antique mechanical Singer sewing machines with table and I want it!
But I already have too much stuff for the space I have! aaaaaaa :blobSob:

I will not put on shoes.
Because if I don't put on shoes, I can't go outside.
If I don't go outside, I can't check if the sewing machine has sold meanwhile.
I have no room! I don't know if I could get it through the gap between kitchen and living room, and if I couldn't, I certainly have no room! I don't even know if I'd be capable of carrying it across the street!
(this is NOT a request to talk me into going and getting it, if it's still there, on the contrary...)

@Anke Ooh. Might even be worth finding new homes for some existing stuff to make way for that.

@Anke @porsupah my mom has two xD
she doesnt really use it, but i guess the need to have them is universal

@piggo @porsupah
With the black and the brass and the pretty, and there is just something magical about a sewing machine that needs NO ELECTRICITY :blobCatAww:

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