Spinnenpapier (spider paper) is glassine paper with a pattern of spider webs and spiders embossed on it. It was originally made to be used as interleaving paper in photo albums, to stop the gelatine-containing photos on opposite pages from sticking to each other. I guess the texture made it less likely for the photos to stick to the interleaving paper instead.
Info and photo from de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spinnenp

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Today I glued popsicle sticks to plywood. The popsicle sticks will be on the inside of a box, and work as runners for small plexiglass sheets, and on the plexiglass sheets I will store some silicone molds for very small items.

Actually drew a dragon for ! Let's see how it goes this time...

I drew a cat for !
Both versions of the same feltpen drawing, left side scan, right side photo. No clue if there's a way to get the scanner to pick up nuances of reddish colours better...

Things I picked up outside and brought home. Do I score goblin points?

uh, I have no WIP I want to show this , so I'm posting on behalf of one of my orchids, who seems to be working on... growing another orchid!

d6. The best of the bunch. Thin burrs, and only small air bubbles on the top surface.

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d20. There's a big bubble right below where the resin was filled in, and a small bubble at the edge, and obnoxiously big burrs, but I think it's salvageable.

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Attempt at green d10/d10.0 dice. They have air bubbles at the top that are tricky to fill in because they touch the edges, so resin will run out through the sides...

First I actually finished. They're flawed, but they roll, and I MADE THEM!
I'm considering taking some fine sandpaper to them again for a frosted look, because the numbers were easier to read then.

I made a little plywood box for keeping A7 sized filecards/notecards on my desk ready to use. While the box does look a little wonky (it's allowed, it's my first wooden box!), this arrangement looks more like it's meant to be there than just having a stack of cards dit there...

AI generated moth 

I played a bit with midjourney.
The prompt I entered was "galaxy moth". This one seems to be weilding a lightsabre

I got my favourite puzzle off the top of the shelf after years and years.
I'm a bit sad. I thought I'd found all missing pieces, but there are 4 gaps still.
But I still love this one so it's😆 an overall happiness plus

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