I received mini enamel pins from a kickstarter today, and they are Super Cute! :D

- the shawl is getting too big to easily photograph in one piece, so an update with only a piece. I've started the 5th (of 6) pattern stripes.

Marked as sensitive because of geometric patterns made up of narrow lines that might be unleasant to look at for some people

- the biggest of my currently unfinished projects. Yet another shawl, this time not quite so colourful.

Just wanted to share this little related story that's going around tumblr.

finally continued working on the shelf mushroom fairy.
hidden for drawn eye contact

Put in less than an hour of work, and got it to the point where it gets the scientific names and, if one exists, common english name, of species from Wikidata.

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work in rogress: Shelf Mushroom fairy. Hidden because of eye contact.

Well. got off to a bad start, because I was visiting my mother and my stylus stopped working, but let's see what I can do.

When someone said the bird yesterday looked like a kiwi, I guess I took it as a challenge to draw an actual kiwi. I got myself a few new brushes, and spent about thrice as much time...

Remember the poll last weekend where "mushrooms & other fungi" won?
I finally got to sketching a bit based on it.

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