update time!
The first of my that started blooming it at it lie whoa, the second opened a second bloom, and! A third started growing a flower shoot!
The coleus seedlings are getting fewer, but the survivors get bigger.

My phone! In my hand! It is about the size of a packet of tissues!

heyyy, for the first time for quite a while, I prepared the month in my ahead of time! And even had some fun with the lettering! Here's the two page spread, without anything written in yet:

I doodled! The three usual suspects (that is, characters I used to draw a lot) plus one.
Nico, Sylvie with a new haircut and a bad mood, Daaren, Jessica

I drew this on the first of May and had a plan how to fill it with patterns, but I forgot the plan.

Ooops, forgot the check-in. Just a quick one of the coleuses this week

Weekly check-in part 2: !
In the course of the week I finally gave my mini-orchid a bigger pot. And two of my normal-sized orchids are growing flower stalks!

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Last check-in post for today. Now the other schlumbergera is growing another new leaf! And I had to remove some twigs from one of the three fuchsias in the pot, but so far all plants remain alive. That thing probably needs more water than all of my other plants combined...

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check-in, introducing my fern, which I bought spontaneously two years ago or so and put in a sunny place where I keep forgetting to water. Probably the plant which profited most from the whole working-from-home and thus watering plants more regularly thing.

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Check-in! First pics of the chamomile seedlings that sprouted this week! They are super-duper tiny!
Also update on the coleuses, which are bigger than last week, but I think a few died, too. Ehwell, that's normal I think.

food (baked goods) 

Fresh !
250g wholemeal flour, 250g bread flour (both wheat), rather more tahn 250g water, about 45-50g of sunflower seeds and lineseeds each. And something like a heaped teaspoon of salt, and 7g of dry yeast.
It looks less neat than the last one because it actually rose properly, and tastes a lot better.

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