I went to a pottery session at a... community centre kind of thing, and made a flower pot.
I hope it will survive firing...

And here is a photo of Brian May from this year. 2022.
As far as I can tell, dude has been rocking the same hairdo for FIFTY YEARS. That's pretty awesome!

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I fell into a youtube black hole of watching "first time listening to Bohemian Rhapsody" videos.
There were occasional comments on the hair.
And I want to say something about that. First, here's a photo of Queen from 1972.
Back row John Deacon, Roger Taylor, Brian May; Freddie in the front

Actually, the full set works as a d10000
I'm pretty sure the makers had math problems in mind as use case, rather than random tables in an RPG...

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I have access to a few d10 now!
Here's a pair that works together as a d100!

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aaaaaaah! :blobCatAww:
So cute and so silly 😆

(produced by World of Dice)

Forget cat tree, I want a sitting room for myself and guests with furniture in this style!
(tried to find a source via tineye, without success)

I started a portrait of my RPG character that I want to outline and colour. Here's the sketch.
(hidden for eye contact)


Supper was soup - the usual instant broth + soy sauce + pepper +paprika, today with orza/kritharáki/arpa şehriye noodles and broccoli

Happy !
Now I managed to sketch or doodle something 5 days in a row!

Doodle for the day: random elf. Marked sensitive for drawn eye contact.

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