I'd packed my camera and some rolled oats and fed the ducks and coots and fishies a little. Mostly because I wanted to document the Big Carp. Gotta dmit that these ducks were not fully grown yet, but you can't have everything...

For , the doodle I work on currently when I just want some relaxing, well, doodling.

I did the thing where I drew one not-filled pattern, scanned it, and printed copies to fill, and I'm starting to get confused.

"Clownfish" was literally the only animal I could come up with when I tried to think of one starting with "C". Didn't think of crow, or caracal, or cat... Ehwell. Fishie!

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*Puts a lil bowl with sunflower seeds on her table for @vicorva . Also some potentially interesting things*

Greased spinny ring is quiet now. And wearing it on my index finger means I can fidget with the spinner part without it being too awkward.

update time!
The first of my that started blooming it at it lie whoa, the second opened a second bloom, and! A third started growing a flower shoot!
The coleus seedlings are getting fewer, but the survivors get bigger.

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