I said, I drew a thing!

ACEO (playing card sized); markers, coloured pencils, and a white Posca marker

The first time in a long time I found a 69 funny instead of annoying

When I went outside this morning, someone else was feeding fishes and ducks at the pond. I took advantage...

kitchen tidying step 2 (no image descriptions) 

A bit more general putting-things-where-they-belong, but mostly sorting dishes and doing one load of dishes.

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kitchen tidying step 1 (no image descriptions) 

Put stuff that did not need additional steps like cleaning where it belongs, that is
- trash in the trash, recycling into recycling
- dirty towels and dishrags in the bag for dirty laundry
- supplies into the pantry cupboard
- anything belonging on a hook on that hook

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kitchen tidying step 0 - BEFORE (no image descriptions) 

Gonna try improving the state of my kitchen significantly today.


Soop! :chickSinging:
Instant broth (+ soy sauce + black pepper + paprika) with mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, croutons, and chives for trimmings
Need more practice with croutons, they should probably go in a separate bowl and just added to the soup right before eating.

A while ago I tried embedding fresh orchid blooms in resin. It didn't work very well, because the resin is a little yellow-green, and the flowers discoloured. The first one was dark pink in front and white with pink veins, and the second was pale yellow with pink spots and stuff.


I cooked! Fish fillet, brown rice, and bell pepper

food, not vegetatrian 

Supper today: bowl of noodle soup topped with a fried chicken tender and spring onions.
pepper dosage turned out better than last time: warms me up but doesn't make me go "aaaa tooo much pepper!!" :D


The ice machine at one point started lifting up its lid with every rotation of the stirrer, but taht stopped after I scraped the most-frozen layer off the bottom of the bowl.
I made nutella ice cream, and it was delicious ^_^

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I made a 1200 DPI scan of one of the swatches. The crop I'm posting is a bit under 5 cm/2 inches in original size.

I received mini enamel pins from a kickstarter today, and they are Super Cute! :D

- the shawl is getting too big to easily photograph in one piece, so an update with only a piece. I've started the 5th (of 6) pattern stripes.

Marked as sensitive because of geometric patterns made up of narrow lines that might be unleasant to look at for some people

- the biggest of my currently unfinished projects. Yet another shawl, this time not quite so colourful.

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