@owl Yeah, I mean, I don't mean to imply "it's probably a sham"; etheric oils or other plant essences affecting circulation and thus somehow affecting whatever muscles do seems plausible to me, I just wonder if anyone *checked*. XD
Particularly since I remembered some Tiger Balm product meant for tense neck and shoulders specifically saying in its description that one way it worked was by encouraging a massage of the affected area.

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One made of archeologists called The Pointer Sifters.

One of orchard workers called The Peach Boys.

One of auto dealers called Van Sale-in'. Or maybe Earth, Wind, and Tire.

One of movers called Blue Hoister Cult.

One of cleaners called The Spillage People.

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I wonder if anyone has done a study of the effectiveness of horse salve vs "only" self-massage equivalent to massaging a handgul of smelly goo into your sore muscles. XD

OK, so today I got a load of laundry done (and hung to dry, which isn't always the case), and 2-3 corners of my living room tidied - under my bed, under my desk, and to the right of my desk. Oh, and I took out the trash, including two bulky items that were cluttering up things.

I think I should be able to tidy at least the rest of the living room floor tomorrow, and maybe bath and/or kitchen, too.

...how do I manage to miss the time I'm supposed to take meds when I have a *phone alarm* set to remind me...

Some topics has episodes about:
- You shouldn't take advertisments literally.
- Ecology is more complicated than you think.
- Someone who demands you spend no time with other people, only with them, is NOT a friend.
- Exploiting natural resources can have unexpected negative consequences.
- Growing your own vegetables is not "free food", it's expensive.

@wsteria @vicorva I made labels for my clutch pencils so I don't have to memorise which colour has which hardness.

@vicorva yay food!
I'm trying to decide what to do next/procrastinating on tidying

@elfi Procrastinating, is seems XD
Good luck with the anxiety :hug:

@lapis I'm, uh, planning which colour of clutch pencil will have which lead hardness, I guess XD
Gonna go and tidy my room a bit more nao

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And a girl band of geneticists called the Splice Girls. That or network techs. Or maybe both. Actually, maybe there could be those two, an arborist, a film editor, and a sound producer.

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