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today i am reading about various uninhabited crags of rock in the middle of the ocean that have funny names. my favorite so far is Balls Pyramid, a big rock with nothing on it except for one tea tree bush and a bunch of giant bugs called tree lobsters who apparently live nowhere else in the world except under this one bush

@Mayana @MicroSFF I read it as the swordmaster going "oh, THAT one", that is, they knew who the young woman was talking about.
(I mean, unless it's normal for the culture, someone declaring "I'll only marry someone who can best me in a sword duel" will get notorious for it.)

graphic violence against vampires 

@JordiGH Doesn't it go back to the idea of driving something through their heart and into the wood of the coffin, to nail them down in their graves so they can't rise again?

@JordiGH Personally I'd either go with "it has to be a BIG wound, so stakes of any material work, wooden stakes are just traditional" or "the wound has to be caused by WOOD, the stake shape is just traditional".

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The volcano webcams finally have a highly visible timestamp, so it is easier to tell people when different events occured in the stream history. Check out this ~460m tall lava fountain!

Honest Question Looking For Honest Answers 

- budgie noises
- images or photos of animals
macro photos showing detail you normally don't see
- sharing a link with someone because I think it fits their interests, and they like it

@Mayana Mort was my first, too, back in 2000! (I remember because I read it on the drive to EXPO 2000 in Hannover)

@vicorva "I'm cold anyway and hearing rain makes me feel colDER, but at least I don't have to go outside"

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@monsterblue I haven't seen the movie, was referring to the manga, which I believe covers a lot more time and plot, so I can't vouch for them showing up in the movie.

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to reiterate, 1. not all mites are bad, 2. you usually need an expert with a microscope to ID mites, 3. you can't throw a rock without hitting a new mite species (50,000 described, but probably 1 million total)

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@porsupah They've been available for free for a while directly from the publisher. I got the first one years ago and read it.
It sucked. It sucked so bad, starting with there being no markers for scene breaks in the ebook, over a racist setup that gave the human-ish crew excuse to gun down aliens, to having the WORST infodumps I ever saw. He INTERRUPTED a spaceship chase for the history of the development of FTL travel!!! :blobUgh:

@Algot Huh, that reminded me thaat James Cameron's Avatar had something similar, and apparently the idea also appeared in a short story by Poul Anderson, “Call Me Joe”.

@Infoseepage Man, I remember finding something on Netflix that seemed great on frst look, because it was about glass blowing.
Then I saw that they had added DRAMA by making it a competition, and I lost interest completely -_-

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