@InspectorCaracal I'll note that down for tomorrow.
Now it's past 10 PM and I should get some sleep

Things I want to and/or should do
- update my website
- learn composer (php dependency manager)
- get an overview of my old writing WIPs and continue writing Strange Magic fanfic
- Also write more flashfic
- draaaaaw
- other stuff I'm now embarrassed to mention

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*sigh* I've been sitting here for two hours trying to make myself stop sitting here and doing something worthwhile instead.
There are too many things I should and/or want to do, and it gets overwhelming and I can't decide.

re: hot take 

@InspectorCaracal Definitely fits the "power over one's own life" category.

re: hot take 

@InspectorCaracal ...huh. Seeing the topic "power fantasy" made me think, "my favourite is where I have enough money I can do what I want (like draw, watch video, or read all day), instead of worrying about being good enough by who-knows-how-many standards to keep a job. I wonder if that even is a power fantasy..."

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I fiddle with the controls.
"I wish we could go to June 29, 2009."
"To professor Hawking's Time Traveller's Party? Don't we all. But it's too dangerous to go that far back."
"When's the earliest we can go?"
"The universal antipathogen rollout, when we don't risk anyone's life."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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LB That made me think -- does anyone know isekai/portal stories/I'm-in-a-game-now stories, etc. where someone who's usually perceived as femme gets a masc body?

Because I only know the comic miniseries User (which, of course, I devoured when I found it years ago).

@aldersprig @GyrosGeier Sometimes I wish my mind didn't to to "this would be a pain to dust" so often. XD

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Dear users of phones, tablets, computers, cameras and other instruments which contains data that might be important to you.

Make fucking backups. For the love of what ever you believe in. Copy your dearest and most important files and or documents somewhere else that in case one device goes *poof* you have something you can get back to.

And please, please, please do it regularly.

You will thank your future YOU later.

#Backup #Data #DataLoss

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The Nintendo Switch version of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker contains an unused model called "Stalker", which depicts a simplistic cube-shaped creature holding a knife. This was likely a test version of an enemy that was planned to be added to the Nintendo Switch port. t.co/gzki0TFE3y

@wsteria playing around with felt pens and water. Not fancy, but I'm having fun

2020 black humour 

@Nezchan reuters.com/article/us-nuclear seems to have been just a blip, just like the radioactive forest fires around Chernobyl earlier this year were kinda normal for the area and only localised.

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