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*sees video of green-with-bits-of-yellow parrot riding a roomba*
*wonders if the parrot is some kind of amazon ( )*
*thinks the phrase "amazon riding a roomba"*


"Radiation sensors in Stockholm have detected higher-than-usual but still harmless levels of isotopes produced by nuclear fission, probably from somewhere on or near the Baltic Sea, a body running a worldwide network of the sensors said on Friday."
I guess we'll see if that develops into something worse, or is just a little blip.

I did not go to bed because I got distracted trying to fix my phone (it stopped listing audio files on the SD card. It can read the SD card fine, and can play the audio files from it if I open them directly, but the music player doesn't know about the files... I ended up copying the two files I was after into the local storage.)
and then tagging ebooks
brain, why must you be like that?

Washed clothes are hung to dry, I cooked and ate supper, I doodled, I checked on and adjusted some stuff for work.
I'm feeling OK!
I go to bed soon.
Sleep well, when it's that time for you! :chickSleeping:

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Can fedi give me artists to peruse, preferably boost if they have alt text?

I'm not really into furry art, but I'm not hostile to it.

I just want to see cute stuff, video game fan-art, etc?


I doodled! The three usual suspects (that is, characters I used to draw a lot) plus one.
Nico, Sylvie with a new haircut and a bad mood, Daaren, Jessica

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food (incl meat) 

Cooked me some rice and fried some chicken nuggets to taste the three different curry ketchups I bought this morning.
The regular kind changed its recipe, now with "30% less added sugar". It's still sweetish and mild.
The "hot" variety has a bit of burn after the fact, might be nice for some variety.
The "extra hot" variety first tastes smoky, and then it burnsssss. I may try using that as marinade rather than as ketchup/sauce...

food, planning of storage 

brown sugar... breadcrumbs? panko comes in small packages, normal breadcrumbs-for-breading in big ones, but it's been ages since I used that stuff with regularity.
umm... lentils don't need jars, since I always use either the whole or half the package, I can use clips when it's half empty.
Wondering if I want to have more varieties of flour around.
*sigh* Not sure about seeds (sunflower, sesame, lineseed, poppy) really.
*sighs some more*

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food, planning of storage 

..."brown" rice really is more off-white than brown, and the rice that looks brown to me is called "red rice". This is confusing.
Anyway, I'm wondering, if I stored dry stuff properly in airtight jars, how many would I need?
white wheat flour, whole wheat flour, sugar, white rice, brown rice, pasta... those are the ones I'd want 1.5 litre jars for, because that's what's needed to fit a whole package.
Starch can get a smaller jar, since it comes in smaller packages

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I slept another 3 hours or so, towels are washed and hung to dry, clothes are in the washing machine, and I did one load of dishes - dishes and sieves and cutlery, leaving the pans and pots aside.
When I estimated I'd need three loads to catch up, I either exaggerated or miscalculated, because I think one more, so two total, should do it. Cooking can definitely happen tomorrow!

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Last night, T removed the toad from our basement. It had learned to croak from the sump pumps, so its croaks are a little... weird. Also, however, Very Loud Now. He removed it in the bottom of a quart take-out container, and I can say that was easily a half-quart of toad.

May he have a long life somewhere that is not our basement.

RE video: Going for a palate cleanser and put on My Neighbor Totoro

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they made jet engine trains. what the fuck. those are TWO jet engines mounted to the top of a TRAIN

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