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I didn't think "Stylophone Business Card" was in my *want nao* list, but here we are

Alex Jacobs made a musical business card that you can actually play by plugging into USB. It's essentially a midi controller with exposed contacts which act as keys

#HardwareHacking #Mixtela

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Ethical, easy-to-use and privacy-conscious alternatives to well-known software. Leave google, fb and twit et alia!
Sometimes I worry I may make a post like this too often, but each time many people learn and boost, so I keep doing it.

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Apparently, the danish songwriter's union (KODA) is in conflict with Google over how much YouTube should pay musicians.

If you tomorrow suddenly can't listen to Volbeat, Aqua, D-A-D, or Alfabeat on youtube, it's because KODA hasn't allowed the current licensing deal to be extended.

This is your irregularly scheduled Scandinavian reminder to join a union!
(I'm a member of two; KODA is one of them)

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Earth has blue skies and red sunsets. Mars has red skies and blue sunsets.

The sky on Earth is blue because gas molecules reflect blue light. Earth sunsets look red because all the blue light has already been filtered out.

The sky on Mars is red because dust particles reflect red light. Martian sunsets look blue because all the red light has already been filtered out.

Two planets. Opposite skies.


Saw some 100 year old cartoons on my timeline and getting a bout of "humanity should learn from its mistakes, but it doesn't"-frustration ._.

Did I say good morning yet?
Good morning, anyway! Can't have enough well wishes

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:party_parrot: Boosts Appreciated :party_parrot:

I wrote up all the recipes I developed over about a year working with mutual aid organization food not bombs.

read them all here

or subscribe to the blog on the fediverse here


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:chickBicycling: 20 minutes of exercise
:chickWithBroom: Did dishes, took out paper/cardboard for recycling. Managed to stuff the backpack with the oil damage into the washing machine. The inside pockets are still oily :/
Also went grocery shopping and baked muffins
:chickArtist: I modified chickie emoji, including making :chickWithBroom: from the one riding on a broomstick and one of those holding a thing.
Also took a bunch of photos of eggs.

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I love that they used to flood the floor of the Colosseum to hold fake naval battles.

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hydra doing a headcount to make sure all of her is there

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I started the Kittens Game yesterday, and I'm utterly baffled that now I'm breeding unicorns.

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