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TIL that there's a 19th century maintenance staging chamber in the Cologne sewers that's frequently used to host concerts because of its great acoustics

never mind the fact that it's just got a massive fuckin open sewer running along the side of it

Things that make me happy: Seeing someone use an emoji I made

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it's still very funny to me that in the video announcing the 2020 gmtk game jam, mark said "it has to be a game that runs on windows or in a browser. that means no mario maker levels, dreams creations, or game boy roms you have to play in an emulator"

who would ever do that last thing? write a game boy game from scratch for a 48h jam?

(me, in the 2019 gmtk game jam)

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Wait are there any land based aminals that use electroreception.

I know it's relatively common in the sea because water is a far better conductor than air but you never know

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no @ no questions only vote only boost

Random Mashup idea: Ariel's Prince Erik is the Phantom of the Opera.

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Stop posting photos of your kids on social media 

Just stop. Animals are ok, but kids aren't dogs—they'll grow up and will have feelings about you plastering their face and their life everywhere for your emotional satisfaction.

Be like #DerekSivers:

"You won’t find his name or face online. I don’t think it’s right to put someone online without their permission. He’ll put himself online when he’s ready."

Less radical reading:

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"Attention, all hands! According to our incel, the enemy ha-"

"S-sir? Surely you mean intel?"

"No, Private. We captured the guy, he's in Block 2. I strongly advise against talking to him alone though, he's kind of a creep."

Once Upona Time headcanon, sorta spoiler for later seasons 

After the wedding, it's Killian Swan, because
- he'd rather pass on that family name than "Jones"
- he's settling down in her world, rather than she following him

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Why is it spelled "Connecticut" but pronounced "Conneticut"?
Oh, right, English. :p

First run of this go at is 2 weeks old, and I'm at 101 kittens, and my last completed research topic was Robotics.
Now I gotta decide if I focus on getting the kittens count up and reset, or if I give it another week...

Random imagined moment: Hook complaining about the deplorable state of penmanship in the modern world.

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a Sherlock Holmes adaptation that's conveyed entirely through Watson's social media posts

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hey anyone in the fedi from new zealand

i need someone who can like. get me a very small blind bag plush sloth that is not available in the USA

pls boost help me find a kiwi

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