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😶 EN: cryptid
😶 NO: kryptid
😶 SV: kryptid
😶 DK: kryptid
😶 DE: Kryptid
😤 IS: duldýr

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I have grey and black tie dye leggings

My coolness levels are off the chart right now

This is too much power

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Please, if you have a bot, make it post in unlisted rather than in public. There is so many bots posting in public now that the federated timeline is becoming unusable.
I don’t usually ask that, but can you boost this to spread awareness?

So. 5th Indiana Jones film will supposedly start filming next August. Having seen Crystal Skull, I'm not convinced it's a good idea...
(source: )

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misgendering, transphobia 

A cis guy gets a small taste of the trans experience

Kittens Game 

I'm on my 15th run and this is the first one on which I unlocked all technologies.

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Type people! I was thinking about typeface design and it occurred to me that every type designer I know of is white and most of them are men. Do you have any favorites who are neither?

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Wood working advice requested 

Me and Tess wanna start making cute stuff like bowls and spoons out of wood, and even just basic shelving. Is this doable when you're extremely tight on money? What basic tools would we need?

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only finding out that youtube-dl is back on github while digging into dates for singular "you" seems extremely on brand for this pony

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alcohol, shaggy dog joke 

One of Leonard McCoy's lesser-known vices was his love of chilled rum drinks, but he liked them prepared in a particular way: instead of being shaken, he preferred them to be stirred with a juniper twig, to impart a certain evergreen bitterness to the drink. Every year, he presented the bartender on the Enterprise with a new, fresh-hewn juniper wand, to renew the taste, and the bartender had, after long experience, learned precisely how to make McCoy's preferred daiquiris.

One day, however, the bartender saw to his horror that one of his subordinates had left the juniper wand in the sink, where it had warped and cracked - and the previous year's wand had, as always, been recycled. He looked around desperately for a replacement, but the best he could find was one the Captain offered him - a shaving from one of his hickory lacrosse sticks. The bartender took it, mixed up McCoy's daiquiri, and hoped for the best.

McCoy came into the commissary after a long shift in sickbay and sat down, and the bartender gingerly sat the drink in front of him. McCoy raised the glass in a toast to the barkeep, took a sip, and grimaced. "This doesn't have the aftertaste I was expecting," he said. "You used the juniper twig?"

The bartender sighed. "It broke. I'm so sorry. That's a hickory daiquiri, Doc."

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The Bellamy, Chapter 24

It seemed as if everyone in the room was holding their breath - Veronika, who would have to breathe eventually, Lady Knight-West, whose need to breathe had left her some time ago, and Amanana, whose breathing requirements Veronika was not all that certain about. 

#ReadMyStuff; it's #freeFiction
The Bellamy posts on Mondays & is #ModernFantasy

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absolutely fuckin cursed thought but I have to share it because god it's making me giggle. 

so, crocs

but thigh high crocs, right? Everyone's seen that monstrosity, everyone's aware of it, that's not new. But I got to thinking. Crocs are like... stiff plastic/rubber, right? if thjey were REALLY thigh length boots designed like crocs, you'd have to like... design them like plate armour.



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I like how on twitter you're not Famous™ unless you have like >10k retweets or whatever but on fedi I feel really famous when like 10 people retweet my post :blobheart:
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So here's another PSA.

Don't tell a disabled person that you couldn't live with their disability.

Don't tell them how scary you think it'd be to have that disability.

Don't tell them you'd be housebound (and don't talk about that like it'd be the end of your life; some people ARE housebound and it shouldn't leave them with a terrible quality of life either).

You don't have to try to put yourself in my shoes. Your empathy is not welcome (or even functioning properly) if it's so ill-informed.

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Good morning.
It is Monday, I think.
Weekdays are an illusion.

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I had a rough start to the morning but then I saw a dachshund puppy called Dr. Beef and now everything is good.

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German Chocolate Cake is named for a man, not the country. Samuel German developed a formulation of dark baking chocolate that came to be used in the cake recipe.

Original tweet :

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