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Especially long hair -- my hair nearly reaches my ass. That doesn't just HAPPEN to not be visible. It takes intent and effort to keep it up and out of sight.

Maybe (like me) it's religious/cultural tradition, maybe it's something else, whatever. But love of whatever your consider sacred, DON'T make a big deal of it when someone like me has their hair visible.

It's like commenting on a person not wearing a bra -- extremely personal and probably embarrasing.

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Also: in my rush to get the water out of the car, I through a hat on, but didn't put my hair up.

Which led t neighbor seeing me with my hair down for the first time. He's known me for nearly 5 years, has ALWAYS seen me with my hair hidden.

So he had to make a big deal about it.

Folks, PLEASE don't do this.

Like, if someone has made a big change in their hair and it's done up nice as part of an outfit, yes, compliment.

But if you've NEVER seen someone's hair, there's a REASON for it.


I really should eat a meal, but I also really don't feel like cooking :/

I went grocery shopping and got fresh baked goods for breakfast

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If you’re wondering why rickrolls are suddenly in disconcertingly high quality, it’s because someone used an AI to remaster the original video in 4K 60fps quality 😂

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Is there a name for a creature with 4 legs and wings, but unlike a griffin, all its parts are bird parts?

"we lost [something I couldn't understand]"
someone else, after a beat: "as expected. As expected"

I'm looking forward to again having kneesocks to wear, once this laundry is dry 💛

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Gonna hang laundry. I don't want to do it, but I want to have it done, and walking around a bit would probably be good for me. :p

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So I had Letterboxd recommended to me, as a Goodreads for movies, but when I wanted to share it with my partner we realized it didn't support series.

So we're looking for if there's any good alternative that supports both, and also allows for the social aspect!

Recommendations are welcome, we both use Android on our phones.



I'm having instant noodles for the second day in a row.
Gotta tidy up the kitchen enough so I can cook, and/or buy easy-to-cook food.

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YAY, this time I put my broken office chair out on the sidewalk before the trash collection for broken furniture and such came through!

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*accidentally rests foot on laptop power supply*
Oh, warm! :D
I should probably put on socks

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Free colouring page! A five-petal mandala with some stipple shading. Grab the high res print-ready PDF from the link above :)

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #AdultColouring

Lifehack: avoid cutting your fingernails at your desk, because getting fingernail clippings out of the keyboard is annoying.

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