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Today is International Asexuality Day, apparently.

If you just don't feel like having sex is or would be a fun thing to do:

- You don't have to.
- You don't have to be 'fixed'.
- You do not have an unbounded obligation to try and see if you like it anyway. (But you certainly /can/ try if you want.)
- You are not necessarily waiting for someone you have /true feelings/ for to come along. You can have an intense bond with people and still not think sex is a fun thing to do.
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can anyone recommend a keyboard that is: 1. Quiet. 2. Easy to clean, and 3. wired, not wireless.

Tried to draw something fairy-ish, but I just tensed up and felt like crying, so no art to show today

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The people at the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg with another incredible achievement:

Guinness World Record for "Longest melody played by a model train"

Watch this:


I think the weather right now has hit "sleet". It's been going from sun to rain to sun to snow a few times today already.

I like Hydrus much better than Pinterest. Since it saves images locally, I don't have to fret about the legality of copying images to a public website. Also, organising collected stuff is much easier/more intuitive.

And in contrast to just saving them by hand to my website, it *keeps track of URLs* the images were found at.

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- Let hydrus download a couple of hundred images from a person who uploads their animal photos to tumblr and usually tags them with species names.
- Search for the name of the species in the first photo in my *inbox*
- Mark all images that do NOT show that species, and remove the automatically imported tag, reload so they aren't shown any more
- Add my preferred version of the tag to all images
- Remove automatically imported tag from all images
- Archive images
- reload, repeat

Rip all my DVDs and have access to the contents digitally without having to sort through external drives physically!
Collect all the photos and art I want from the 'net without worrying about my laptop's disc filling up!
And all that tucked away somewhere the fans can run without me hearing them in my living room!
Bweeeh! It's the dream!

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I have to admit, my dream home would include a server room, or well, a server closet-with-ventilation or something, where to put some (terabytes of) extra storage...

[image description: a small bird perched on a twig. The blurry background is brown-grey, the bark of the twig is brown-grey, the fluffy round bird is brown-grey - apart from an orange mark edged in yellow at the top of its head]

no, I will not stay up for another 2 hours for files to synch :P

Good night :chickSleeping:

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hello! i am looking to hire a trans Jewish graphic designer to make a book cover for a funky new siddur! does this sound like it's up anyone's alley? :boost_ok:

ars anatomica has a post where they share some facts about vampire bats and human blood vessels that could be used in vampire fiction.
(CONTENT WARNINGS: teeth, blood, photos of wounds, including decorative scarification before it scars over)

Well. got off to a bad start, because I was visiting my mother and my stylus stopped working, but let's see what I can do.

I'm doing the thing where there are too many things I should or want to do, so I am doing none of them.

I shall get my bullet journal and write them down so at least I don't have to keep them all in my head. This might make picking one easier, too.

So far today we had rain, gusty wind, snow, and sun. April is being April. 😆

Mildly related: it seems like there are two species of corvids with yellow bills: The yellow-billed magpie, and the alpine chough.

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There are seven secies of black and white magpies.

Five of them used to be considered one species, and only have been split off after genetic analyses.

You know what, for the purpose of tagging photos I found online, I'll pretend there are 3 species of magpies, because *I cannot do genetic analysis on digital photos*

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