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Went shopping at the drug store and got lucky: I got the last two CO2 bottles!

Fraggle Rock did the "Well-meaning but ignorant person starts campaign for smaller humanoid species without actually asking them what they want first, and they actually don't like it" in 1983, and I think their example makes at least a bit more sense than Rowling's house elves thing.
(episode 6, "The Preachification of Convincing John")

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I put a Millennium Falcon in your Millennium Falcon so you can Star War while you Star War

that transparent sticky notes are a thing that exists!

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Pronunciation /ɪˈskeɪpm(ə)nt/ /ɛˈskeɪpm(ə)nt/
A mechanism in a clock or watch that alternately checks and releases the train by a fixed amount and transmits a periodic impulse from the spring or weight to the balance wheel or pendulum.

Late 18th century from French échappement, from échapper ‘to escape’.


Edward escaped between the ticks of the tower's clock. The clack of the huge instrument's escapement hid all of his scurrying noise.

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> The official abbreviation for Coordinated Universal Time is UTC. This abbreviation comes as a result of the International Telecommunication Union and the International Astronomical Union wanting to use the same abbreviation in all languages.
> English speakers originally proposed CUT (for "coordinated universal time"), while French speakers proposed TUC (for "temps universel coordonné"). The compromise that emerged was UTC [...]

I love this, making compromises by picking an option that would piss off both parties :smug10:

Color E-Ink Android Tablet kickstarter...
Not in my budget at the moment, and not something I actually need, but, cool?

OK. Gonna go through my kitchen and fridge and toss what needs tossing, and then make lunch.

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Have you heard of the new group, Duvet? 

They're a cover band.

I booped a carp's nose, did grocery shopping, took meds, had breakfast, and and and got a load of laundry going.
I'm also tired and feeling rather out of sorts.
In other words, this Saturday is a Saturday

Good morning!
It is Saturday! (in my timezone)

I woke up a few minutes before my alarm rang, so that bodes well

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context-free poll


I was hungry and found a packet of ramen I bought when it was on sale.
I used only part of the flavour pack, but still, AAaH, HOT!
Well, at least I'm warm now...

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It's JULY and I'm wearing sweatpants and a zippered hoodie with PLUSH LINING and I'm cold.
This seems weird.

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OCR Output (chars: 602) 

PSA for Switch owners

The latest 11.0 update means that Google Analytics is
a thing on the switch and turned on. What that
means is that Nintendo has a deal with Google to
share with them your data for advertisement

To turn it off

1. goto the eShop

2. goto your profile where your funds and account
info is

3. go down to the bottom of the page

4. there you will see “Google Analytics

5. select the Change

6. select “Don’t Share”

Please spread the word. Really shitty of Nintendo to
just quietly start allowing Google to spy on users for

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This was a real scummy thing for Nintendo to do (even though they have done worse in the past). Nintendo Switch users need to read this.
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"We were writing songs that were memorable because we had to remember them."

-- Paul McCartney

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