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that VLC Media Player lets you set an audio output different from standard, so I can put standard output on the laptop speakers, and the video output on the external screen where the video is running! :chickSinging:

Good morning! It is Wednesday, aka Humpday!

The neighbourhood online community just got an offer of a free moving box full of VHS casettes

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checking with the tree of life real quick to find out how many pints are in a cup just American things

food mention 

I had two problems:
1) Freshly cooked noodle soup burns my mouth.
2) After eating supper, I generally don't feel like doing dishes.
Today I solved both by pouring my soup into the bowl I'll eat it from, then doing the dishes, and then eating.
It does leave me with one used bowl (in addition to whatever dishes I didn't wash because there was Too Much, which is another problem), but it is an improvement!

New GMO project: Sheep that produce orange wool

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Middle Earth is in New Zealand, Mad Max is in Australia, therefore...


I skipped yoga on Sunday and Monday, but picked it up again today. Monday I had other exercise, so it feels more like only one day skipped. Over all I'm happy with this attempt so far.
I *think* arm/shoulder strength has improved a bit.
Gonna keep it up

I don't hate everything.
I like fuchsias.
And if I didn't have a headache, I'd like the weather today

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Guide to Photographing Mushrooms for Identification

If you're interested in improving your mushroom identification practice, you might find this short piece useful.

I've attempted to delineate the various angles and features which allow for a comprehensive data-set to be created for the purposes of identification. This includes both morphological and ecological considerations.

I'm happy to receive any feedback or ideas for improvement!


If I make known that I'd like phonecalls only "before 8 PM", and the person in question calls a few minutes before 8 and talks for 15 minutes and I miiiight get a bit short and ask to end the call, who of us is rude?

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In Warsaw’s Gruba Kaśka water plant there are eight clams with sensors attached to their shells. If the clams close because they don’t like the taste of the water, the city’s supply is automatically shut off.

Original tweet :

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i know a local scrubjay by the sound of their voice. i am able to distinguish them from other scrubjays. their name is kevin

*adds an iron supplement to her meds regimen*

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mastodon is amazing n makes me a happy lil bee (everyone is so fun n nice on here 💞) ; i downloaded it to replace my dumb addiction to instagram bc fuck the zuck


i do miss all the fun erotic artists i was following on there 🥺🥺

anyone kno any fun sexy art on the fediverse ?

I touched grass. It was damp and unhelpful.

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