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Spent most of the day on the sofa, sleeping or dozing. Currently waiting to stop sweating like whoa before changing into pajamas

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I'm getting a total of 18 hours of shifts in the next *two weeks* so money is really hard and I want to be able to afford food and pay my bills

So if you're interested in commissions please check my stuff out here, and if you want something different than what is offered on there just shoot me a message!

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PixelFed now supports viewing text-only posts, by going to:

Settings > Timelines > Show text-only posts

This lets you see text-only posts in your timeline made by Fediverse accounts you follow through PixelFed.

(Due to its photo-oriented nature, PixelFed hides text-only Fediverse posts by default.)

#FediTips #Fediverse #PixelTips #PixelFed

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Before you put a dozen emojies between words, imagine how hearing the below text could become tiring, even exhausting, and a cognitive drain on screen reader users.

You Clapping hands are Clapping hands causing Clapping hands me Clapping hands to Clapping hands become Clapping hands tired.

It is Friday, noon/early afternoon, and I am going back to bed because I'm ill

A thunderstorm passed through, and I used that time of unplugged router and stuff to get my daily writing done.
Yay laptop!

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also from weird eyeshadow palettes spotted on makeup reddit

(gestures to this sold-out indie pickle palette)

i gotta say that i'd switch the names for 'dill pickles' and 'tickle my pickle' because if you're including that pink you may as well go all the way, but i don't hate the color story!

also, i'm too cishet to make any jokes, but given i now know the thing about transfeminine people hankering for pickles thanks to spironolactone... finally, a palette for transfeminine folks,

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Camels once existed in Canada's far north. The Yukon giant camel was an 3.5 million-year-old ancestor of the living domestic camel found today in the deserts of Asia and Africa.

Original tweet :

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Despite my nervousness at our strange guest, I did my best to make all the usual small-talk, with the usual questions, "So, ah, how long have you been a muse?"

"Oh, quite a while. hundreds of years - I've been part of some real big projects!" She beamed proudly.

"Cool. Any favorites?"

"Oh yes; several in and on churches!"

"Angels and such?"

"No, more like humans without pants in rude poses."

"That', hilarious?"


#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

Good morning!
It is Thursday!
For some reason I've been feeling like it's one day later than it actually is for most of the week, so I feel like it's Friday now, but it's actually Thursday.

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hot tip: when posting windows paths, don't say [Your Username Here], say %username%

still clear what it is but it means i can copypaste the whole path and it'll just work

:chickWriter: I managed to write over 200 words a day for a week now. Today was the only day I needed to push for it.

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'k. I have half an hour until I gotta take meds, and afterwards I will want to wind down for bed.
So now I get up, and hang the laundry, and break down some boxes and take them outside for recycling pickup tomorrow

food, question 

I am bad at eating veggies.
I have developed a habit of cooking myself a quick noodle soup from instant broth for supper.
So far I've tried adding carrots and/or broccoli as far as veggies are concerned. I like it when the stuff is not too soft/soggy?
Do you have suggestions for what else I could try?

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(If you happen to be an insect expert who speaks German and Latin, here's the tweet(s): )

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I follow one or two actual scientists on Twitter, and some of the posts that go round RE job offers or calls for help are really fun.
Just now, paraphrased: We're looking for someone who speaks German, Latin, and is familiar with insect/weevil terminology, because the key we need to compare our specimen with is written in German with Latin descriptions, and google translate does not do entomologist jargon well.

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