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:chickWriter: Wordcount stats 

8061 words of new draft this week. 7800 of that on one particular fanfic story.
I'm up to a bit over 53,000 words for the year, and have a new best day for the year with 2409 words
I can credit the extra motivation to a reader. *waves at @skysailor *

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Hey Fedi - what are you using for reading #rss (if you use rss)?

I decided to get back into it after a long break, and am trying to decide between one of the providers and selfhosting.

I am trying to have it accessible and synced (including read posts) between desktop (probably web, but maybe a dedicated client) and android (FeedMe?).

Being able to fetch the whole article for select feeds is important, but secondary.

All advice and experiences welcome.

Boosts welcome.

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Join my Discord*!

*Note: Discord is the name of my IRC channel.


Today I ate a clementine
(also other things, but eating A Fruit is an achievement...)

I shoUld go grocery shopping (I'm out of bread), but I really don't want to.
I'll go anyway, because it'll be good for me.

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The German town Donaueschingen is where the Danube river is born and they have a monument for that, the Donauquelle

Original tweet :

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The tagesschau map of "new infections in the last 7 days per 100k people per county" had to have more colours added again. Higest level is 1000 or more now.

Good morning!
It is Thursday!

Why the bleep does time pass so quickly @_@

"Staying hydrated is very important when it comes to smooching"

Garnet in Steven Universe: The Movie


I just hate the idea "suffering is good for you, so you should seek it out".

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How you can tell if two screenwriters wrote the screenplay together or rather rewrote each others. If it says "x&y" it means they wrote it together. However if it's "x and y" it means that they rewrote each others material.

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WTF news 

Imagine you are cleaning a freezer in the lab you work in, and you find some vials labelled "smallpox"...

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