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Liebe Trötgemeinde,
ich habe eine Mammutaufgabe und wo wäre die besser aufgehoben als hier.
Mein Mann und ich suchen eine Wohnung, die stufenlos erreichbar ist.
Positiv: wir suchen in ganz Norddeutschland, wir sind sehr ruhige Zeitgenossen, Nichtraucher, ohne Tiere und Kinder.
Schwierig: meine Behinderung verschlechtert sich, bis ca. Ende nächsten Jahres müssen wir etwas stufenloses gefunden haben.
Die Miete muss auf Sozialamts-Niveau sein.
Bitte sehr gern teilen.
#Wohnung #NDS #S.-H. #HB

Ran errands this morning.
Gonna cook lunch nao!

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Saying this for whoever needs to hear it.

You are way harder on yourself than others.

You only see everyone else's highlight reel.

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...I've got an appointment tomorrow near a big shop, I could check their stationery isle to see if they have 'em.

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hrrrrrrr. I should have a whole stack of register divider sheet thingies, but I can't FIND it >:(

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I have been wondering about Brian Moriarty's adventure game Loom (1990) because its conception of magic is somewhat unusual:
1) Magic stems from crafts such as weaving and glassmaking.
2) Magic spells can be found by observing natural phenomena.

Both of these elements are rare in modern fantasy; I'm unable to find any other examples besides Loom itself. However they can be found in folk beliefs (e.g. in the Finnic tradition, sorcery and blacksmithry can be equated, and magical words can be found in nature). I therefore assumed Moriarty may have studied some anthropology.

But no. In a "classic game postmortem" presentation about Loom, Moriarty tells a story of divine inspiration instead: when leafing thru a computer magazine, he noticed an expansion board that was called a "loom", and the entire world with is guilds and magic suddenly came to his mind in a flash.

This made me even more curious about the game.
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based on how many people on dating apps are looking for "adventures," there really needs to be an app to connect people to quest givers
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Let me give you a link to a video of Sir David Attenborough trying to get a bit of video involving a bird of paradise recorded, with the bird interrupting him. There is a complete transcript bwlow the video:

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Kann wer LCD oder E-Ink Schreibtafeln/Tablets empfehlen, auf denen Inhalte gespeichert/geöffnet und übertragen werden können? Suche Geräte für den Unterricht.

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When my mom goes to the beach, she spends the whole time walking, looking for heart shaped rocks. She's also the biggest fan of my cookies. So I made her heart shaped pebble looking cookies. 🖤

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Just learned about the tag #lichenSubscribe, so good!
So here’s the ones I know, if you are into plants, fungi and symbioses of the two:
- #florespondence
- #mosstodon
- #sporespondence
- #lichenSubscribe
- I’ve used #veggiespondence for gardening before but not sure if that’s widely used

Any others?

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Scrum master is a rubbish job title. They should be simply referred to as 'nerd shepherds'

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From the official Ruby DateTime docs:

> If you also have to deal with timezones then best of luck - just bear in mind that you'll probably be dealing with local solar times, since it wasn't until the 19th century that the introduction of the railways necessitated the need for Standard Time and eventually timezones.

Friends don't let friends use time zones

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