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there is a species of Flounder named "peacock flounder". When they don't use their colour changing ability to look like sandy seafloor or similar, they are moss green with bright blue rings which are limned with black.
Thsi does seem somewhat similar to the look of the blue-ringed octopus...

Both Microsoft Word and Photoshop elements think that the envelope format DL is 11 cm wide and 22 cm tall, rather than the other way around, like reality...

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Ich habe heute einige unfassbare Bilder gemacht. Inklusive durch den knietiefen Bach waten, auf dem Bauch durch Brennesseln robben, durch Scherben und scharfkantige Steine, unter Vermeidung von zuviel auffälliger Bewegung ein Loch im Sand graben um mit der Kamera ein tieferen Winkel erreichen zu können und nicht zuletzt einarmig und nonverbal Passanten davon überzeugen dass es ok ist dass ich da liege und dass ich keine Hilfe brauche. Aber bitte. Hübsches Foto.

recommendation: suspend
Admin apparently tries to fuck up other fediverse instances with spam messages

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A few days ago I made a towel-tent in the bathroom for one of the cats because he was trying to get under the towels on the rail.

Now he sits there and yells if his towel-tent isn't there until someone goes in and makes it for him, then he lies under it and purrs.

Having one of those "I know that I HAVE [thing], I just don't know WHERE I have it" moments.

... wait, if I fold this into thirds, I can put it into a long envelope. Hah!

Bureaucratic paperwork scares me. Irrationally. Usually it is not actually hard to do once I start. Sometimes looking up the info I need is tedious, but it's not actually difficult.

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the phrase "what does it do instead of working" has gotten me through so many tech support conversations

Good morning!
It is... some day! Wednesday!

I just finished a to-do list for tomorrow, and now I'll tidy my desk and lay out some paperwork I need to take care of so it is RIGHT THERE tomorrow, and then I'll go to bed, and it will be long before midnight.

So, I nudged myself in the general direction of the track I want to get back on.

Good night! :chickSleeping:

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Anyway, in the kitchen there was a string like "I want to put away A, but I can't because B is in front of the cabinet, and I can't put away B because the place it belongs in is dirty, which stymied me since Friday.
But I managed to *halfway* clean the place B belonged, so I could put away B (and C, which belonged in the same place), and then A.

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I switched off the computer.
I brushed my teeth and did something else.
I thought "before I can do this, I should check it online", so I switched the computer on again.
I forgot what I wanted to check, natch.

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I found it. I found the old Japanese-made world map I came across years ago and couldn't find again that in my opinion illustrates the principle of unconscious expectations very well.
See, Japan is a group of islands.
In this world map made in Japan, very nearly everything is a group of islands.

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I'm feeling kinda off kilter, mentally and hysically, this week.
Have not managed to put myself back on track today.

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It's the solstice! The shadow of the gnomon in the #sundial at work is tracing down the outermost line. Through the day it will go across the ground and then back up the outermost line on the other side.

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:retootPlz:​ What were some of the most helpful tips (or maybe THE most helpful tip in singular) when feminising your voice through voice training?

In addition, if you speak multiple languages, how do you feel voice feminisation is different in your languages, if at all?

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