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toxic masculinity ressources, help, boost plz 


I'm looking for resources about toxic masculinity, hypermasculinity.
Especially resources destined for people who are trying to "get out" of those principles and change. I'm guessing such resources would be addressed to men but that's not mandatory

Reading material is fine but not very accessible to me, video essays or podcast would be better.

Would anyone have recommendation plz?


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I can't move to the Fediverse properly until I reproduce my famous pinned post from the birdsite, so here it is:

P.S.A. To all vintage computer and video game collectors:

Go through your collections and GET THE DAMN BATTERIES OUT!

Now! Don't wait! Seriously, put down the phone, go to your collection and take out all the batteries. Right now! Even if they look "okay" they are NOT SAFE after this much time.

I forgot to take the fingerless gloves with me to internship

*puts on fingerless gloves*
Fingerless gloves are good.

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anxiety, attempt at a metaphor 2/2 

What's actually happening: due to a glitch, the notification is in "highest-priority" mode, even though it's for a small thing. It covers half the screen and keeps beeping at me. I try to tell it there's nothing useful I can do right now, but no matter what I do I can't figure out how to turn the notification off. I try to use my brain as normal, ignoring the banner over half the screen, but it's distracting and rendering the alarm is making my brain overheat.

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anxiety, attempt at a metaphor 1/2 

What should be happening: a notification pops up on the phone screen of my brain. I look at the notification, decide there's nothing useful I can do right now, swipe it away, and continue using my brain as normal

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So spitballing, if I were to move my NAS away from synology to a homebrew server.
My main desires are first of all, quiet (it would reside in my living room), and if possible, second hand hardware rather than more new tech. And then ability to fit 8 3.5” drives, ideally externally accessible.
Unfortunately 2nd-hand rack mount gear doesn’t lend itself to the quietness thing…

Any suggestions? I’m in Sydney, Aus, so hardware isn’t as thick on the ground as the US/Europe. :boost_ok:

Top daily temperatures predicted for my neck of the woods are mostly between 15 and 17° C for the next two weeks.
Let's see if I can refrain from switching on the heating :p

Good morning!
It id Monday!

yee, time flies...

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I don't talk about it much anymore, but I still have a handful of books out on the practical side of #polyamory / #nonmonogamy.

For instance, The Polyamorous Home talks about everything from bedrooms to budgeting, with a special section on moving in together.

Check it out:

#books #HowTo

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when rich people say they don't want UBI, the funny thing is that they already get very robust UBI, we just only give UBI to rich people and call it bank interest and stock management.

I've known rich people, even the average among them get way more money than the wage of any job I'll ever achieve, for free, constantly, just *because* they're already rich.

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I finished watching Disney's Gummi Bears yesterday.
Kinda sad that there wasn't another season to continue/wrap up the myth arc.

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Scientists believe that the function of zebras' stripes are to deter insects, so a team of researchers painted black and white stripes on cows. They found that it reduced the number of biting flies landing on the cows by more than 50%
[full paper:]

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