Anyone got any ace romance stories they can recommend? The ones I've read seem... much more sensible (familiar? comprehensible? not sure the right adjective) than the more conventional romances I read.

Already enjoyed (and recommended!) are Books and Bone by Victoria Corva, Our Bloody Pearl by D. N. Bryn, and a couple of the Toronto Connections stories by Cass Lennox.


@anne Firstly πŸ’™ !

Secondly, I will pass any along I find. I'm trying to find more ace romances but mostly the options either seem to be romantic stories or aro-ace stories (or more often, there is an ace side character).

I did read the short novel Let's Talk About Love by Claire Kann, a cute ace librarian romance, but it was more a 'teaching folks about ace-ness' story than a great romance imo. Still good and recommended.

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