:blobCatPeek: psst hey

I wrote a book. It's a light-hearted, fast-paced fantasy about ... necromancers? *checks notes* Yep, that's it. Light-hearted necromancer story.

Also shapeshifters and sprawling necropolises and secret libraries!

It would be cool if you wanted to take a look. Or share this toot. Or both!

πŸ’€ πŸ‘» πŸ“š ✨ πŸ–€

Info, Sample, & Buy Links: victoriacorva.xyz/books/books-

:blobCatPeek: ok bye

@vicorva Picked up a copy from itch.io (thanks for the non-Amazon, non-DRM options!). Thanks! Looking forward to reading this.

@emacsomancer Thank you so much! :blobCatAww:

DRM-free options are very important to me. I tend to point people toward itch or Scarlet Ferret first for this reason. :)


@emacsomancer Oh wow, that's so fast! :D

Thank you again for getting it!

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@vicorva One of the most enjoyable bits of fiction I've read in a long time! I don't generally have the time to finish books within 24 hours these days, but it was not only fast-paced but *interesting* (those two are often at odds). Ancient underground libraries!

Picked up the short stories to help tide me over until the sequel ;)

@emacsomancer :blobCatBlush: eek! Thank you so much! This is has absolutely made my day. I am all smiles now. Best possible end to the day.

Hope you will enjoy the short stories as well. And book 2 is definitely on the way!

@vicorva Very much looking forward to it! Thanks for your great work! (And thanks to @greyor for boosting your post into my timeline!)

@emacsomancer @vicorva anytime! I am ashamed I haven't read it yet myself! After I read The Joy Luck Club, I think I'll load it onto my tablet!

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