Important D&D Dungeon Master tip 

Never make your players feel bad for cancelling on you.

We all know how hard it is to arrange a session everyone is available for, but you don't know what's going on in people's lives. Don't expect them to tell you why.

Additionally, if you are friends enough with your players to know about their lives, 'I'm really anxious today can we cancel?' or 'I'm having a high-pain day' are obviously acceptable reasons to cancel.


Important D&D Dungeon Master tip 

And finally, cultivate an environment where players know they can cancel a session if they need to, and where they know they can ask to end the session early with no fuss.

Remind them of it regularly -- I start each session with a reminder of this, so people know it's fine.

The most important things about running any TTRPG are that they are a) safe and b) fun. So take steps to make it so!

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Important D&D Dungeon Master tip 

@vicorva big agree! My whole group are neurodivergent/spoony and it鈥檚 become an injoke that 鈥渁nd [player] is a badger today鈥 means they aren鈥檛 up for the session (after one player possessed a badger for a session and wasn鈥檛 able to make the next few sessions)

Important D&D Dungeon Master tip 

@s0 This is so lovely! Our group is much the same, though we're a small group now so we don't play if anyone can't make it.

Honestly just 'is a badger today' is really funny, but with the added in-game joke it's wonderful. :D

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