‘It’s just a pigeon,’ said the girl. ‘Let it die.’

The boy lifted it with gentle hands. It was too weak to struggle. He could feel its heartbeat against his fingertips. ‘It just needs help, that’s all.’

He nursed it day and night. Warmed it by a lamp, cleaned its wounds. Fed it from his hand. Every day it grew stronger. And larger.

After a week, it was the size of a cat. A month, a dog. It gazed at him with adoring eyes. And one day, it would carry him into the sky.

Here ya go: m.facebook.com/106334374551621
My page is just getting started but people are already messaging me to ask how Mastodon works. I'm going to be posting some tutorials soon.
If you'd like me to make any changes to this please don't hesitate to let me know. Thanks again, and good luck with the book!

@Nightmancore :blobCatAww: Aww, thank you for mentioning my book! That's so kind of you!

Hopefully you can get some folk off facebook!

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