I talk about fatness, fatphobia, and how to love bodies that we have been culturally taught to hate.

Quite an emotional post for me. I hope you find it helpful.

🌻 ✨ How to love fat people and also yourself:

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@vicorva This is good - and useful. Thank you for writing it.

Body image, mental health 

@vicorva I needed to hear this today

Being squishy doesn't help when there's no one to cuddle, but hearing acquaintances congratulating themselves on weight loss kinda wrecked my weekend

Body image, mental health 

@WizardOfDocs It's bizarre that this is as socially acceptable as it is among people who claim to be fat accepting. I'm sorry people put you through that. It's harmful and it's rude and it was wrong of them.

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@vicorva side thought: where's the line between radical body positivity and invalidating dysphoria?

How do I stop feeling guilty about my cuddly squishiness without repressing the feeling that the squishiest parts of my body damage my mental health simply by existing?

Body image, mental health, gender (-) 

@WizardOfDocs Thank you, I am going to think about this. I don't think there are easy answers and I definitely don't have them. I think, for me, I mostly separate my feelings about my fatness from my feelings about certain squishy parts that I hate. If I was thin, I would still hate those parts, so that is maybe easier for me than it would be for others, idk.

It's a good thing to bring up.

Body image, mental health, gender (-) 

@vicorva if I were thin, I would still hate those parts of me, but we're not in that world. We're in a world where their contribution to my shape is at least half of what makes me feel fat-in-bad-ways.
If I did not have massive boobs I would have the brain space to figure out how I feel about my stomach and thighs.

@vicorva I enjoyed this post very much. You're good at handling the topic of fatness in a friendly way, which is an unusual and valuable skill.
While reading it I remembered a story someone told me once about being on the fatter side most of their life, then getting skinny through focused cardio to see what it was like and to see if they could. (continued)

@vicorva (continued) Turns out they didn't like it; it's easier to be taken seriously in some ways in a larger body. Kind of a mixture of the taking up space point and the strength point. So they cheerfully gained back their previous structure and were glad to have it that way.

@anndroid In general, studies show that fat people are treated much, much worse, but I absolutely do understand to your friend returning to a fat size and their reasoning. I don't want to be thin; I want to be treated fairly at my current size.

Thank you for this message and for your encouragement. I really appreciate it. :)

@vicorva This was such a lovely read. It felt so validating. Thank you <3

@vicorva this is so very good and so necessary. I'm definitely sharing this one around numerous places and with numerous friends. thank you for opening up like this, and sharing what's worked for you!

@MmeLibertine πŸ’™ thank you so much for this.

I hope others find it useful too.

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