I'd like to start doing some fairly regular

The idea is not to pressure or judge in any way, but to make writers feel validated and happy about their writing habits, and to encourage self-care and confidence

Feel free to join in on the hashtag.

Some of the best writing nobody is being paid for is fanfiction, and some of the best writing somebody IS being paid for is fanfiction.

The point is, fanfiction is awesome, and you should feel proud if you write it.

Everyone feels terrible about their writing at some point, and many of us feel terrible about it *all the time*.

Your writing isn't terrible and isn't irredeemable, and you should keep writing if that's important to you!

Bloggers are amazing writers. It's challenging and skilful work, and your readers are grateful that you do it.


It's actually good for you to take breaks, and you shouldn't feel guilty if you need a really long one.

What's important is that you take care of yourself.

The words will still be there when you get back -- and you may find inspiration in the time away.

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Okay that's it from me today. Just wanted to do a handful to get started.

I'm going to keep mine threaded in case anyone needs an easy hit of writer encouragement. :)

Keep being awesome writers, whatever form and format you write in.

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