I'd like to start doing some fairly regular

The idea is not to pressure or judge in any way, but to make writers feel validated and happy about their writing habits, and to encourage self-care and confidence

Feel free to join in on the hashtag.

Some of the best writing nobody is being paid for is fanfiction, and some of the best writing somebody IS being paid for is fanfiction.

The point is, fanfiction is awesome, and you should feel proud if you write it.

Everyone feels terrible about their writing at some point, and many of us feel terrible about it *all the time*.

Your writing isn't terrible and isn't irredeemable, and you should keep writing if that's important to you!

Bloggers are amazing writers. It's challenging and skilful work, and your readers are grateful that you do it.

It's actually good for you to take breaks, and you shouldn't feel guilty if you need a really long one.

What's important is that you take care of yourself.

The words will still be there when you get back -- and you may find inspiration in the time away.

Okay that's it from me today. Just wanted to do a handful to get started.

I'm going to keep mine threaded in case anyone needs an easy hit of writer encouragement. :)

Keep being awesome writers, whatever form and format you write in.

No notebook is too fancy for you! Scribble all over them! Enjoy the feel of your pen on fancy paper!

Your thoughts do not have to be grand or ordered or even coherent to deserve being written down somewhere that gives you pleasure.

You will write things that make you cringe to look back on, but you will also surprise yourself with brilliant, beautiful things.

There will always be both. Don't let the former distract you from the latter.

I'm finally starting to feel like I'm turning the corner on this novel. Like the end is in sight.

If, like me, the events of the last year have really slowed down your progress, I want to encourage you that you will get there eventually (and so will I). πŸ’™

Love your work! Celebrate your successes! Cheer for progress, big or small.

We all know it's okay to get Imposter Syndrome, but I hope you know that it's okay to be proud of what you've done as well.

Your writing doesn't need to be perfect to be worthy of praise.

More fiction is good for readers AND writers.

If someone writes a book with a similar concept to yours, then their readers may well love what you're writing, too!

If you're feeling down about your writing, take a step back. What looks bad today might turn out to be brilliant when viewed with fresh eyes.

It's really impressive that you have taken the time to make something. Not everyone does that. Not everyone *can* do that.

Your creativity is inspiring.

Not all critique is equal.

You are not a bad writer if you say: 'I disagree with that critique and I am not going to follow it.'

And you aren't a bad writer if you say 'I agree with that critique and I need to improve' either!

Take a moment to acknowledge something about your writing that you know is good. There is definitely something!

Own it and enjoy it.

It's good to celebrate your strengths.

Sometimes you will write something bad. That doesn't mean that the very next sentence won't be amazing.

Someone will love what you're writing. At any stage, this is true.

So even if your project needs work to get where you want it to be, you can be kind to it, and yourself. Someone already loves it, or would.

@vicorva and sometimes you'll do both simultaneously, like my Hetalia fics from the early 2010s

@WizardOfDocs completely agreed (though I can't speak for your Hetalia fics but my old novels definitely fall into the category of both, though often the balance isn't quite what I'd like! XD)

@vicorva write for yourself. Seriously. The only person you need to please is yourself, you HAVE to like what you're writing, you have to be you're nΒ°1 fan, you have to read and read it again to refine it, you have to put in all you have so that it sounds right *to you*.

It's the only way you'll develop a real talent in writing anyway.

Corollary: don't give a fuck of what others think or like/dislike in your writing. You don't find readers by trying to please them. You find readers by creating a real connexion. And it can't be faked.


@vicorva I just keep writing and writing. Then one day I have a "brilliant" idea. And I go through my notes from like my first day on the project and see that same idea. Right there. Maybe that's just me.

@ycleptshawn I was recently editing and found that, in my rush to make sure I covered all the bases, I had edited in things that already existed and therefore were redundant. So I definitely get how ideas repeat themselves!


With the words, you choose you play.
Contemplating what to say.
If you stumble, causing a delay,
Some tomorrow, it will be okay.



I don't stay up till late at night
So long-form prose I can write.
But mornings full of short rhymes trite
Are my fortΓ©, if that, with you, is alright.


@vicorva what a great list of positive things for writers of all kinds ... thank you

@vicorva ain't that the truth

There's a reason "[famous book] crossed with [different famous book]" is such a popular marketing formula. 😊

@vicorva@social.scribblers.club I have a school paper to work on and a writing habit to rebuild and I am going to DO it.

@wsteria @vicorva oooo, what do you want your writing habit to look like?

@anke@social.scribblers.club @vicorva@social.scribblers.club Write new fiction words six days a week. Minimum to count is one sentence, though obviously I'd prefer a higher number - longer is easier to keep up momentum with. I wrote yesterday.

@wsteria @Anke could you go write one sentence now? Then you'd already be on a two day streak if you sit down to write later!

@wsteria @Anke :O Over-achieving!

That's so awesome. You are off to a great start. I love that you set a low but significant target. I often say 'only 10 words' when I'm trying to rebuild writing habits and it's very similar, but I think a sentence feels more weighty.

@vicorva@social.scribblers.club @Anke@social.scribblers.club I thought my goal was ten words, but when I thought about it, I don't ever like to end in the middle of a sentence so it would have to be a sentence by default.

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