1 hr 20 mins in and the is already 10% funded! :blobSob: :blobCatCheer:

Thank you so much to everyone backing it and sharing it around πŸ’™

Fingers-crossed it is well on its way to funding and soon my cosy queer portal fantasy will be out in the world!

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25% funded in just 3 and a half hours! :blobCatCheer:

So full of thanks and hope.

I can't wait to share Tar and their found family of queer TTRPG nerds with the world.

😱 6 hours in and NON-PLAYER CHARACTER just got made a Kickstarter 'Project We Love'! πŸŽ‰ 🎊

And is 45% funded!

Eeek! Thanks so much to everyone for sharing and backing! πŸ’™ ✨

It's coming up for midnight now and in less than 12 hours, NON-PLAYER CHARACTER is 66% funded and a Kickstarter Project We Love.

Can hardly believe the success today and know it would never have happened without all the kind and generous people sharing it around, backing it, and making a big fuss.

Thank you all so much!

Fingers-crossed it'll fund tomorrow!

Time for a new image because NON-PLAYER CHARACTER is nearly funded ✨on its first day✨!

Ever wished there was a fun, friendship-oriented portal fantasy for adults who don't have it all worked out yet? Then this is the book for you!

My queer portal fantasy is 90% funded! ✨ ✨ :blobCatCheer:

Only 30 mins left in the first day of the campaign. It would be incredible if it funded before then.

Seems unlikely but maybe ...? :blobCatPeek:


It funded! πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰ :blobCatCheer: ✨

My story of a found-family of queer TTRPG nerds who get transported to a magical world *is going to be real*!!

@cidney thank you!!

Fingers-crossed it funds. I really can't wait to share it!

@MmeLibertine I'm so surprised! B&B never got 'Project We Love' status. Fingers-crossed it leads to more discoverability!

@vicorva omg, I'm so excited for you!! You deserve it all! This is like an exciting sports match or something, I love it XD

@secretlySamantha Honestly I'm stunned it's progressing so quickly! It's amazing to think it could actually fund this week!

@vicorva at this pace you might have it funded by the end of the day πŸ˜†

@secretlySamantha :blobCatWTF: i don't even know how I would process that

It would be amazing to fund on my first day

@rob_haines thank you so much! It's over 60% now, which just seems unthinkable for the first day!

@vicorva I just properly read the part about "Project We Love", and my eyes started tearing up. You deserve all this so much <3

@vicorva watching that number tick up is what I imagine watching an exciting sports match is like xD

@vicorva what would you say is the minimum amount of players needed for Kin? :)

@FiXato You could certainly play it just one game master and one player! But I think 3 (1 game master and 2 players) is more the intended minimum. :)

@vicorva what I really appreciate about this book is that it comes with a TTRPG. I didn't quite process that at first, I just wanted the book!
But now I'm excited for both!

@vicorva this looks like just the kind of thing I need. Thank you for writing it!

...wait, is "portal fantasy" what we're calling isekai in YA circles now?

@templewulf @vicorva ngl, I heard "portal fantasy" yeeeears before I knew what isekai was. like back when reading Chronicles of Narnia when I was a wee bairn

@MmeLibertine @vicorva really? I had never heard it put that way, even though I've read plenty of alternate world stories. I wonder if the phrase varies by region!

@MmeLibertine @templewulf I've always heard it called portal fantasy, except in anime circles where it is isekai.

And my book isn't YA (all the characters are in their 30s) though afaik 'portal fantasy' isn't tied particularly to YA either. ^_^

@vicorva *dances with you*

Now it's all stretch goals from here!

@vicorva I just checked it now, and noticed it too! Immediately come here to see if you had seen it yet!

Yey!!! β™₯οΈπŸ™

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