Hi all!

I'm talking ✨ Writing & Publishing in a Pandemic✨ with other authors at Quarancon at 1pm BST (in just a few hours)

It's totally free to come along with no sign-up! Watch live on Youtube. ^_^

This'll be my first time on a panel so I'm very nervous! 😅

I survived my first panel!

Antlers: on!

Social mask: up!

And the other authors (PS Livingstone, Dixon Reuel, and JRH Lawless) were so funny and articulate that it really took the pressure off me.

You can watch it VOD anytime on youtube.

CW anxiety 

Although I was unprepared for how hard my body tried to fight me. Instant migraine the moment the call started and something weird was going on with one of my eyes ... I don't think it showed.

Also focusing for that long is not something I am built for.

But I did it! 💪

Time to curl up and hide for the rest of the day.

@vicorva I have to go out around that time, but hope it will be available for replay later.

Meantime, remember you're there because you have knowledge that people want to hear. That's always encouraged me when I have to speak in public.

CW anxiety 

@vicorva good job. Overcoming all that could not have been easy. I've only watched a little so far but I'll be watching the rest later

CW anxiety 

@mgrondin thanks. :) This weekend is kind of a test in some ways to see whether this is something I can do! I think ... maybe? As long as I don't do it too often.

CW anxiety 

@vicorva *tucks cat in with you for cuddles*

congrats on Doing The Thing!

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