My novel, NON-PLAYER CHARACTER, is live on Kickstarter!

It's a queer portal fantasy about TTRPG nerds in their 30s who are transported to the world of their game.

And it has a bunch of wonderful characters I want to share with you!


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First up is our protagonist, Tar. Tar is autistic, non-binary, and struggling to hold their life together.

In the TTRPG, they made friends. And in Vanthis, they discover new powers and a new sense of belonging -- and that a change of scenery doesn't change who they are.

Art by Grim @renardroi

Pauline is the creative, impatient game master who invented Vanthis. She has chronic pain and uses a wheelchair.

In Vanthis, she is faced with a strange cult and the reality of a world she thought she'd created.

Art by Grim (renardroi)

Rex is the anti-social lurker in the TTRPG group chat. Autistic, reclusive, and incredibly empathetic.

He finds people difficult, and in Vanthis is faced with a small tent, five friends, and no easy escape.

Art by Grim (renardroi)

Hanna, Pauline's housemate who is 'not a nerd, like you lot'. Abrasive humour, aggressively assertive, fiercely protective of her friends, and very, very gay.

In Vanthis, she is nearly overwhelmed by the desire to start a new life for herself.

Art by Grim (renardroi)

Arries, Tar's first friend, and everyone's best friend. Friendlier than everyone else put together. Aro-ace and extremely kind.

In Vanthis, Arries is anxious about what it means for his family and friends to be worlds apart.

Art by Grim (renardroi).

Kenta, relaxed, friendly, and quick to laugh. His friends accuse him of being afraid of the loving relationship he is desperate to find.

In Vanthis, he must escape the attention of the evil goddess his character worshipped.

Art by Grim (renardroi)

I love these characters and their easy, comfortable friendship and fast-paced conversation.

And I hope, if you end up supporting my book either now or after publishing, that you will too!

*sneaks in the Kickstarter again, just in case*

@terrana Thank you! :blobCatBlush: It seems really wild to me. It's been going up and down a bit but fingers-crossed it'll keep over (if only because I am so excited by such an impressive milestone!)

@vicorva and with a name so good he didn't even pick a different one for his character. πŸ˜‚

@vicorva ooh i love portal fantasies! Looking forward to reading this!

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