A sparkling catsoul hovered in space beneath the burning gaze of the Cosmic Eyes.

'Will they be kind to me, on Earth?'

SOME, replied the Cosmic Eyes.

'And the child I am assigned -- are they good?'

THAT REMAINS TO BE SEEN, replied the Cosmic Eyes.

The catsoul considered this. '... Do they need me?'

DESPERATELY, replied the Cosmic Eyes.

'Then I will go.'

On Earth, a small cat emerged from a shrub and chased after a crying child, chirping a greeting.

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@AgentCarter_SSR thank you! :blobCatBlush: I really love my Cats of Mystic Stars setting. I need to do more with it.

@GwenfarsGarden Thank you!! πŸ’™ I really need to do more Cats of Mystic Stars things. I love these magic space cats too much

@vicorva Fun fact: one of my wife's partners got his cat almost exactly this way.

We were coming home from a party, all quite buzzed at the time, when a small kitten walks out from underneath our parked car. (We let a ride share be our designated driver.) He took immediately to my wife's partner. We thought it was one of our cats at the time, but soon realized it wasnt.

We thought the kitten was lost. So, the following day, we managed to find and reach the original owner. He refused to take the kitten back, and quite rudely hung up the phone. So, without any hesitation, said partner took the kitten home with him.

The cat is a long-haired black cat named Piper, and is now very happy, well kept, and loved.

@vertigo I love this story. I'm so glad Piper was able to track down their human!

thread contains some sadness re: fictional cats 

@vicorva oh gosh I vibe with this a lot. like, sudden tears to the eyeballs, good grief

thread contains some sadness re: fictional cats 

@monsterblue I'm glad it resonated with you. :)

@vicorva This brought a happy tear to my eye.

Mind if I throw a follow your way?

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