Hard to express how glad I am to have a website where I can put all my stuff.

I can put stories there. Links to my books. Games I've been working on. Blog posts. Whatever.

It's a part of the internet that is just mine and where I'm not beholden to a particular platform.

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As an author, I've found it invaluable. But just as a person, too.

@vicorva absolutely, I feel the same about my website. I love that it's just mine and it's one of the reasons that I don't accept sponsored posts or even guest authors.

A couple of years ago I remember some gardeners on birdsite worrying about whether they could put non-gardening content on their sites and I was like, it's your site, you can do what you want, that's the point!

@GwenfarsGarden Yes that's a huge part of it! There is nobody to tell you what is and isn't okay. Like I'm not working for some author website or something -- I can put whatever I want there! Fat acceptance, life blogs, games -- I've got a post on different kinds of friendship percolating I'd quite like to write and post as well.

I've never thought about sponsored posts before but I wouldn't like that either. Want to keep it *mine*. :)

@vicorva yes to all this.

I've occasionally been contacted by garden-related companies who want to write and post and put it on my site and I'm like, no way.

Like you, it's ALL MINE :)

@GwenfarsGarden I love to think of these companies seeking you out and you just waving them away. XD

@vicorva I think they must be desperate to contact me. I'm not a particularly well-known garden blogger (this doesn't bother me) so the audience would be quite small.

I added a statement on my homepage about not accepting submissions or advertising, so this reduced the emails I get to a trickle now.

@GwenfarsGarden my mother runs a dozen or so blogs on various topics, none with a large audience, and she gets offered sponsored stuff all the time (which if she's in a blogging phase, she usually accepts). Maybe there's more value in small bloggers?

@vicorva in the mess that the internet has become its nice to have a little corner of it that is just yours eh? Even if you don't really put it to use as in my case

@mgrondin definitely. And there have been long periods of time where I barely put anything at all on my website. Still glad it's there when I need it. And recently I've used it loads. ^_^

@vicorva Yay 😊
I feel the same way with my website!

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