Another Starry Night

Gonna let this water colour impression of Vincent van Gogh's The Starry Night dry, and then see if I want to add something else, like the TARDIS that was in my friend's example I have on the wall here.
My friend's example lacks quite some of the details of the original, which also helped me keep mine simple, and to not get lost in all the (lovely) details.

Van Gogh's original is probably one of my all-time favourite paintings, even though Vincent considered it a failure himself. I guess it was to be expected I had to try to do my own version of it, to see what it could look like in a different medium.

Messed up again a couple of times with too much water, and going over parts that hadn't dried enough, so I expect to redo this one further down the road too.

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@FiXato this is lovely and your planned addition sounds really fun :D

thank you 💜

This is the example painted several years ago by my friend #Maki, which shows a bit what it could look like. :)
I might draw the TARDIS on a separate piece of paper, so I can move it about a bit as see where it would fit best, and if I like it better with or without.

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