I'd like to start doing some fairly regular

The idea is not to pressure or judge in any way, but to make writers feel validated and happy about their writing habits, and to encourage self-care and confidence

Feel free to join in on the hashtag.

Some of the best writing nobody is being paid for is fanfiction, and some of the best writing somebody IS being paid for is fanfiction.

The point is, fanfiction is awesome, and you should feel proud if you write it.

Everyone feels terrible about their writing at some point, and many of us feel terrible about it *all the time*.

Your writing isn't terrible and isn't irredeemable, and you should keep writing if that's important to you!

Bloggers are amazing writers. It's challenging and skilful work, and your readers are grateful that you do it.

It's actually good for you to take breaks, and you shouldn't feel guilty if you need a really long one.

What's important is that you take care of yourself.

The words will still be there when you get back -- and you may find inspiration in the time away.

Okay that's it from me today. Just wanted to do a handful to get started.

I'm going to keep mine threaded in case anyone needs an easy hit of writer encouragement. :)

Keep being awesome writers, whatever form and format you write in.

No notebook is too fancy for you! Scribble all over them! Enjoy the feel of your pen on fancy paper!

Your thoughts do not have to be grand or ordered or even coherent to deserve being written down somewhere that gives you pleasure.

You will write things that make you cringe to look back on, but you will also surprise yourself with brilliant, beautiful things.

There will always be both. Don't let the former distract you from the latter.

I'm finally starting to feel like I'm turning the corner on this novel. Like the end is in sight.

If, like me, the events of the last year have really slowed down your progress, I want to encourage you that you will get there eventually (and so will I). πŸ’™

Love your work! Celebrate your successes! Cheer for progress, big or small.

We all know it's okay to get Imposter Syndrome, but I hope you know that it's okay to be proud of what you've done as well.

Your writing doesn't need to be perfect to be worthy of praise.

More fiction is good for readers AND writers.

If someone writes a book with a similar concept to yours, then their readers may well love what you're writing, too!

If you're feeling down about your writing, take a step back. What looks bad today might turn out to be brilliant when viewed with fresh eyes.

It's really impressive that you have taken the time to make something. Not everyone does that. Not everyone *can* do that.

Your creativity is inspiring.

Not all critique is equal.

You are not a bad writer if you say: 'I disagree with that critique and I am not going to follow it.'

And you aren't a bad writer if you say 'I agree with that critique and I need to improve' either!

Take a moment to acknowledge something about your writing that you know is good. There is definitely something!

Own it and enjoy it.

It's good to celebrate your strengths.

Sometimes you will write something bad. That doesn't mean that the very next sentence won't be amazing.

Someone will love what you're writing. At any stage, this is true.

So even if your project needs work to get where you want it to be, you can be kind to it, and yourself. Someone already loves it, or would.

Taking care of yourself is important for writing. If you need to take a walk, or have a day off, you needn't feel guilty about it.

This is part of the process, too.

You don't have to kill all your darlings. Sometimes a great bit of writing is just a great bit of writing. It's okay to love it!

(Fun fact, 'kill your darlings' actually refers to cutting unnecessary scenes/characters/etc even if you worked hard at them. It doesn't mean everything you love must be bad!)

Your first draft isn't as bad as you think, and some of it is much better than you dared hope.

Readers look at books more like they're at a fan convention than at a gladiator arena.

You never need to be disheartened when you see a story just like yours.

It's not a competition. It means people who love that story will probably love yours too!

There is a temptation to be disappointed with small progress.

Instead, try celebrating it! It's amazing that you made progress, that you created something -- even in part.

Drink water. Take breaks. Spend time doing things for fun.

You can't nurture your creativity without nurturing yourself as well.

You know that project you're really excited about but you don't think you're good enough to write yet?

Why not give it a try? You might surprise yourself! You'll certainly learn something along the way. And it could be a lot of fun.

You are better at this than you think you are, and you will only get better still with time and practice.

The amount of words you did today? You know, the word count you were disappointed with and really struggled to do?

It's actually really impressive.

You don't need to constantly measure yourself by your best day.

To have written at all when it was difficult is an achievement worthy of pride.

Oh are you watching TV today? Maybe reading fanfiction?

You're doing a great job of feeding your creativity right now. Keep absorbing those narratives!

You don't have to suffer to make good art. Take care of yourself. You deserve it, and your creativity will flourish if you do.

People like to say 'there is nothing new' but sometimes it's good to remind yourself that *everything* is new at the same time.

There is only one you. The story you tell is unique simply because you are the teller. Tropes and all!

Today is a special shout-out to bloggers. Blogging is a skill, whether it's articles, think pieces, guides, life writing, or deep dives into your favourite topic.

Your readers appreciate the time and work you put in to each post.

You are still a writer even if it has been a while since you had time to write.

You are still a writer even if you don't think you're good at this.

You are still a writer even if you aren't published.

If you wrote, write, will write: you're a writer.

Today is a special shout-out to comic creators!

The ability to tell a story both in words AND images is incredible. You are doing something difficult and doing it well.

And, I hope it goes without saying: you are very much a writer.

It's okay to be a sometimes writer

an only-when-it-rains writer

a ten-words-here-and-there writer

a burnt-out-and-recovering writer

and it's okay to be an unstoppable-every-day writer.

We all have our own pace. Doesn't make us any less writers.


If you had an idea for a story and then you put that story into words (in full or in progress)

then you are cool as heck.

I will accept no arguments on this.

Cool As Heck!

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You should never be ashamed to use tropes.

Readers love them; they are the very substance of fiction. They are the scaffolding that holds stories together and connects them to all other stories that exist.

They are also extremely fun to play with.

Only you can write what you write the way you are writing it, and that's a good thing.

It means you are making something unique just by trying!

@vicorva that makes you cool as heck! multiple times!

@vicorva and they're better if you make the conscious choice to use them, because that gives you more control over how they manifest

@vicorva @vicorva I actually really needed to hear that, and I din't realise that until I did. That's both reassuring and helpful πŸ’™

@SecretlySamantha I'm glad it helped! πŸ’™ I think we all need reminders of stuff like this sometimes.

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