The next Saint of Steel book is gay! The next Saint of Steel book is gay!


This gives me a lot of hope. I really want a Zale book and maybe asexual romance or aroace qp story with them. (It will surprise nobody who has read these books that Zale is my favourite tbh.)

I already loved these books but YAY queer romance!

@azaliz T Kingfisher writes some of my favourite romance stories. The characters are older, the world is amazing, and they have this amazing combination of humour, sweetness, and sometimes a touch of horror. And for all this is the first queer romance I've seen from her, I think nearly all her main characters are canon bisexual and many of the supporting characters are queer (in fact, the paladin of this book appeared in previous ones)!

@azaliz some of them are a bit heavy on the sexy side of things for me and definitely take the horror seriously, as it can be very scary when it appears! But yeah, really excellent books.

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